Nebraska Deer Hunting / Antelope Hunting Pre-Season Report

Our Nebraska deer hunting / antelope hunting outfitter sent us this update along with a bunch of trail camp pics from this summer. His antelope/whitetail combo hunt is awesome.

Hey guys,
Here are the trail cam pics from the past two weeks. I am getting alot of activity on the trail cameras. There are still 8-10 big guys that know how to avoid the camera, but I’m sure the cameras will get them sooner or later. Nebraska deer hunting is gonna be good this year!”

“I am attaching just a few pics of the whitetail as I found many of my cameras each had 500 to 1000 pics within a weeks period. Nebraska like many other states has been in a drought for 2012, this has grouped the deer up earlier and held them to corn fields, alfalfa fields, pretty much the only thing that is green in this area.

Nebraska deer hunts

The drought has affected many things in a bad way, but I do believe the drought may actually have a good effect on bowhunting whitetails and antelope as there are limited waterholes, making antelope hunting easier, and all of the whitetail deer have been pushed to food plots or creek bottoms making bowhunting easier out in the big open country of the west. Whitetail deer and antelope numbers out in Northwestern Nebraska are at record highs, which is another thing I plan on making the Nebraska deer hunting season on 2012 a very memorable and successful season.”

Nebraska antelope hunts

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