Nebraska Archery Antelope Hunt Review

Doak Worley with his 2010 P&Y Nebraska antelope
Doak Worley with his 2010 P&Y Nebraska antelope
This is the first year we have offered this antelope hunt and one of our Hunting Consultants went down in late October and checked it out for us. He and his cousin had a great time and we’ve since added this new hunt to our directory as an “O.I. Approved Hunt”.

Here is his archery antelope hunt review:

Cory, you have got to do this antelope hunt. Got mine about noon yesterday. We both got Pope and Young antelope. Today we are sitting in blinds looking for a big whitetail. This is one neat setup and Craig is a really great guy.” We’re glad to have these guys on board. They’re a class act.”

In Nebraska you must be a resident to rifle hunt for antelope, but bowhunting is available for anyone. Located in Northwestern Nebraska, this 16,200 acre ranch is just north of the Pine Ridge Hills. The ranch has four major creeks running through it, and all game is free range. All hunts are semi guided hunts unless specified. Hunts will be conducted from ground blinds placed at waterholes and any animal wounded and not told about, will result in the end of your hunt. The hunting season is from late August through December depending on availability. The hunt includes breakfasts, lunches, access and transportation to and from the ranch. Hunters are responsible for their evening meals and lodging.

If you are interested in bowhunting for antelope next season in Nebraska, let us know.

Here are some more antelope pics from our 2010 Nebraska archery antelope. We are all done with our hunts for this year so we’re now back to ranching and farming and booking hunts for next year. I hope you and your family have a safe and fun Holiday season! I ended up with 100% shot opportunity and a 50% success rate.” ~The Outfitter

Monte Downing with his P&Y Nebraska antelope Nebraska antelope hunting Nebraska archery antelope hunts Bowhunting antelope in Nebraska



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