Mozambique Hippo Hunting / Crocodile Hunting Combo

Hippo hunting Safari in Mozambique Africa
Hippo hunting is a great side adventure to add to your Plains Game Safari, or you can book a great hippo hunting, crocodile hunting combination.
This Mozambique hippo hunting, crocodile hunting package takes place in the Zambezi Delta. A great side adventure to add to your Plains Game Safari, or you can book this hippo hunting, crocodile hunting combination.

Hippo hunting in the Zambezi Delta can be an amphibious adventure. You may end up in a dug out canoe paddling towards a group of them, or slipping through the tall grass after a trophy, solitary bull. When out of the water, hippo can be shot in the body with a large caliber and solid bullets, however, usually the head shot is preferred and a hunter must be sure that he knows the location of the brain.

Mozambique Hippo hunting is fun, and can be equated to pig hunting in that the size of the trophy is not considered to be of the utmost importance. Any mature hippo is going to be a huge animal and a pleasure to hunt on a safari. Hippo are CITIES animals and are allowed to be imported into the USA.

Crocodile hunting Safari in Mozambique Africa
Crocodile hunting is a great side adventure to add to your Plains Game Safari, or you can book a great hippo hunting, crocodile hunting combination.
Crocodile and hippo hunting takes place in remote areas of the Zambezi Delta. Crocodile are a challenging animal to hunt. They can smell as good as an antelope, see relatively well, feel vibrations in the water and on the ground, and I believe that they effectively use the shore birds calls to alert them of approaching danger. The trick to crocodile hunting is to locate big crocs on the shore sun bathing. Then set up a blind or sneak up to a shooting position. One mistake and the animal will retreat to the water.

Crocs can be over 100 years old and risky shots are not allowed. It is a privilege to be able to hunt such a prehistoric animal. Crocodile are CITIES animals and hunted trophies are allowed to be imported into the USA.

The best hippo and crocodile hunting in Mozambique is found in the more remote areas, especially in the north near Tanzania and in the west, not far from Zimbabwe. These major hunting countries and the neighboring reserves or parks, such as Nyasa, ensure larger animal populations and diversity for Mozambique. Shrub Savannah, dry Savannah and dense forests form the habitat of these zones. Hunting areas in Mozambique are open territories, not fenced. The average area is approximately 150,000 acres. Hunting in Mozambique begins in a 4×4 vehicle from the camps, then once in the bush, tracking on foot but sometimes done by tracking directly from the camps.

These concessions are located in the Zambezi Delta of Mozambique. The PH has two concessions alongside each other which host large numbers of elephant, cape buffalo, crocodile and hippo with some leopard and plains game also available. Accommodations will be luxury safari tents on the banks of the Zambezi River overlooking hippo and crocs. From the time of your arrival until your departure from Mozambique this Professional Hunter (PH) will ensure that your hunting experience is comfortable,exiting and rewarding.

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Hunting Season
The best periods for hunting hippo and/or crocodile in Mozambique are from April through October, however hunting is available year-round.

Hunting Method
This 2×1 hunt begins in a 4×4 vehicle from the camps, then once in the bush, hunting on foot but sometimes hunting begins directly from the camps. Crocs will be on the banks and hippos will be in the shallows or on the banks as well. This is not a difficult hunt.
*Bow hunting is available by special permit at least one month in advance.

Game not listed is negotiable. Hippos and Crocodiles in Mozambique require a CITES permit (included).

Trophy Quality and Success Rates
Trophy quality is very good and the success rate is 90%. Crocodile average 12 feet long with some measuring up to 18 feet! Hippo hunting is for mature males only.

Available Game
In addition to hippo and croc, most plains game species and buffalo are available.*prices upon request

Stay in a nice, traditional Safari tented camp.
Tented camp in Mozambique

All vehicles are well maintained four wheel drive vehicles that are fitted out with all necessary equipment to ensure a trouble free hunting Safari.

Fly into Tete Mozambique from Johannesburg. Upon arrival, the Outfitter or PH will meet you at the airport and all transportation will be provided. Camp is a 2 hour drive from the airport.


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