Mountain Lion Catch and Release

A friend of mine owns hounds and last weekend he caught and released this small mountain lion in Southern Idaho… as is normal.

mountainlionHound hunters catch a surprising number (they are nowhere near endangered) of cougars every year and then let almost all of them go. It is a little known fact that most hound hunters release the mountain lion once it is caught. The worse thing to happen to them is they have to endure some barking and photos.

Most people don’t realize that despite common belief, their population is increasing over most of North America. They are a very successful species and can live in a variety of habitats. Their range extends all the way from Southern Canada down through the entire Western United States and throughout South America. There is also small population of “Florida panthers” in Florida. Of all species of wild felines, Mountain lions have the largest range. Here are a few more facts for you.

Hound hunting is the only form of catch-and-release hunting there is… other than tranquilizer darts.

If you haven’t tried hunting behind hounds, you should. It’s a ton of work, and you should expect to do some serious hiking, but it’s a lot of fun too. I’ve never taken a mountain lion myself, but I’ve been a part of catching and releasing a bunch of them. Not many people get the magical experience of being so close to one of these amazing creatures.

Whether you are a hunter or a photographer, we have some great mountain lion hunts available. Contact us if you’re interested in chasing one of these awesome animals.

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