A Few Facts About Mountain Goat Hunting

Mountain Goat Hunting

Mountain Goat hunting is a challenge that many hunters dream of taking. Here is a guide to mountain goat hunting, facts, and what you should know when planning for your hunt.

Where to hunt mountain goats:
Mountain goat hunting is available in Idaho, Montana, British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Texas, South Dakota and Washington. Some states have relatively good drawing odds for mountain goat hunting, especially when you compare them to species like bighorn sheep. In Alaska and Canada you can buy a goat tag over the counter and go hunting. If you draw a tag, be sure to talk to us if you need an outfitter.

Get ready to do some climbing:
Mountain goat hunting takes place in the high country. They are the largest mammals found up there in the thin air, and in my opinion they live in some of the prettiest and most spectacular places on the planet. In most places, goats spend the majority of their time near or above timberline, at elevations of around 8,000 to 13,000 ft. Get in shape if you are planning a mountain goat hunt. It’s not gonna be easy.

The weather will be a challenge:
Winter comes early up where mountain goat hunting takes place. In much of the lower 48, the weather stays “relatively dry” up until November. From November on, however winter sets in and the hunting gets more difficult, but the hair on the mountain goat will be better. They aren’t nearly as pretty earlier in the season.

When you get a shot, hit ’em good!
Wounded Mountain Goats are known to take a ‘suicide leap’ off the nearest cliff… and there will be plenty of those. Then you’re in for some serious fun and possibly a broken horn or two. That really sucks, so wait for a good kill shot in reasonable terrain.

If you are interested in mountain goat hunting, contact us and we can line you up on a good one.



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