More Idaho Bull (Elk)

Chris Debban with his Idaho bull

Chris Debban - 1st archery harvest

He finally scores on an Idaho bull!!!!!

Well, I tried to kill off my buddy for 8 days but he is a little too tough or stupid, not sure which, to give up on getting his Idaho bull.

As with most hunts you have fun, get frustrated, think about heading home early, and then you can’t wait to go do it again.  This year was a tough hunt with hot and dry conditions, quite bulls, and way too much wolf activity to make a guy feel comfortable in the dark.  We had high hopes for the hunt but after a few days things were looking rough us.  I wound up with the flu and Chris’s knee was bugging him but we kept at it.  We hunted high for an Idaho bull for 6 days and then finally got a weather break.

The first day of cooler weather I called in nice 260-280 bull but as I was about to send an arrow to the mark I decided to let Chris take the shot….he of course did not have a shot and the whole deal blew up!

The next day I called in 2 bulls, this was our last chance.  The first bull to come in is the one you see in the picture, the second was about 20 yards back charging hard and was about a 270. Everything seemed to come unraveled in a matter of a few seconds.  The first bull saw Chris draw and darted off, the second one saw him let his bow back down and he was gonzo.  I didn’t get video of any of it because I was pulling my bow back to tag that second bull.  Geesh.  OK, the first bull is confused and hanging up at 70 yards.  After a little gentle persuasion and creative directional calling he came back in to 30 yards.  I still don’t have my video camera in hand!  What is wrong with me?

Shortening up the story a bit this young bull wound up in the creek at the bottom of a steep ravine and our work was cut out for us.  A hunt and bull to never forget.


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