Missouri Breaks Sheep Hunting – Monster Montana Bighorn

A lucky hunter with the one coveted non-resident tag for a Montana Missouri Breaks Sheep, harvested possibly the largest Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep ever taken in the United States!

Missouri Breaks Sheep Hunting
Monster Ram From Montana Possibly Largest Ever!
The ram green scored 205 with both horns stretching to 44 1/2″ with over 16″ bases and carries the mass throughout the horn length. The Missouri Breaks sheep will be officially scored after the 60 day drying period. If the ram exceeds Jim Weatherly’s 204 7/8 ram which was taken in 1993 on upper Rock Creek (near Missoula), it will be the new Montana state record bighorn and will also be the largest ram ever taken in the United States.

The Missouri Breaks has always been a great area, not just because of the genetics, but the feed is so great up there. It’s big country where the rams can grow. Because of the habitat, we’re comparing apples and oranges to compare Breaks sheep to, let’s say, the sheep of the Pryor Mountains or somewhere like that. There is grass almost waist deep in places there.”

Read more: http://billingsgazette.com/news/features/outdoors/montana-outdoors-the-scores-don-t-lie-montana-s-rams/article_1b1454c6-d8dd-5c97-805f-7e6e2ee84eca.html#ixzz2Ta1gNY3I

They backpacked in over 10 miles, glassing as they went and found the ram. They shot the ram and carried it out on their backs the 10 miles back to the trailhead. Only gutting out a 20 mile foot march in 90+ degree heat resulted in the harvest of one of the largest rams ever taken.

Missouri Breaks Sheep Hunting

Montana sheep hunters think they have the biggest and the best of bighorn sheep – of course Alberta sheep hunters feel that way, too. I don’t know who is right, but if you just look at the sheep taken in the last few years, you will see that it’s a great time for bighorn sheep in Montana. Good luck drawing a tag though. It’s tough.

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