Mexico Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunting

No Draw. Finish Your Grand Slam With a Mexico Desert Bighorn.

Mexico Desert Bighorn Sheep HuntingDesert Bighorn Sheep hunting in Sonora Mexico offers a guaranteed 100% shooting opportunity!

Look no further if you need a Desert Bighorn sheep to finish your Grand Slam or if you simply wish to hunt one of the hardest trophies to come by in North America.

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We hunt until we get you your ram. Fly into Hermosillo where I personally pick you up and take care of all paperwork and customs. No hidden costs or trophy fees. 3 to 5 guides plus myself guiding. Great lodging and incredible food. Can also be combined with giant mulies and coues.”

What to expect on a sheep hunt in Mexico

Mexico Desert Bighorn Sheep HuntingHunting Season
Mexico Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunting Season is Dec. thru March but best time to hunt is January.

Hunting Method
Spot and Stalk. Your Sonora Mexico sheep includes a head guide [Outfitter] and 3 to 5 highly experienced assistant guides. These guides will be sent to stay and camp on the hunting ranch many days in advance to locate rams. This ensures you that you will be hunting the best ram available. The highest quality optics and equipment is used for Sonora Mexico Desert Bighorn sheep hunting.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
Guaranteed 100% shooting opportunity at a trophy ram on these free range Desert Bighorn sheep hunting trips. Many hunters come here to finish their Grand Slam. Several prime ranches are leased in Sonora Mexico that have free range sheep and great genetics.

If for some reason a Desert Bighorn ram is not harvested or wounded during your hunt, you may return at any scheduled time during the Mexico Desert Bighorn sheep season free of charge.

License and Tags
Over the Counter. NO DRAW REQUIRED!!!

Combo Opportunities
A Coues deer or Mule Deer can be taken at an additional trophy fee.

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Contact us for references, more details, or to book your Mexico Desert Bighorn Sheep hunting trip of a lifetime. A great place to finish your Grand Slam.”

Transportation to and from the ranch from Hermosillo International Airport is included.

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Ranch accommodations are comfortable, clean, ranch houses with hot showers and all the comforts of home. The camp chef is incredible and will have you begging for seconds.

Field photos from this hunt:

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I was just looking at the photo’s of our sheep hunt. Just looking at it brings back fond memories of the hunt and the good times I had. If all goes well I will be back to see you soon. My wife, Diane is convinced that she will be coming along this time.” ~Sam Gilbert

I want to thank you again for a wonderful sheep hunt. I only wish it could have lasted forever. They all come and go so fast. Please keep me on your mailing list and feel free to have someone call me that might be looking for information on hunting with you and your crew.” ~John […]