Marco Polo Hunting in Kyrgyzstan

Marco Polo hunting with the best Outfitter in Kyrgyzstan

Marco Polo hunting in Kyrgyzstan
Almost every hunter dreams of hunting Marco Polo Sheep, and for good reason. Just look at them!» BOOK YOUR HUNT!

OI Premium HuntKyrgyzstan has become famous as a destination for Ibex and Marco Polo hunting.

Kyrgyzstan is the only place in the world to go for Marco Polo hunting, technically Karellini Argali. Get more information »

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Marco Polo hunting is strictly regulated. The money from hunting licenses goes to the Nature Protection Fund of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.

Marco Polo Hunting Season:
The early sheep hunt is from August 15 through December 1. Late season for Marco Polo hunting is January 1 through March 1.

Marco Polo hunting in KyrgyzstanHunting Method:
Marco Polo hunting is done by glassing for trophy rams and then stalking within range for a shot. You will travel to and from camp on horseback.

Trophy Quality and Success Rates:
Marco Polo hunting in Kyrgyzstan is very good, our hunters are almost always successful, taking great trophies.

This is the most affordable, top end,  Marco Polo hunting on the market.  Because of the permitting, this is a hunt you will want help booking.  We hand deliver your export permit to the proper US office and see it through the entire process.

Additional Game is also available:
Ibex and Asian wolves are also available on a trophy fee basis.

Communication on your Hunt:
An interpreter will be provided on your Marco Polo hunt, and all of the hunting camps have satellite phones and portable radios.

The Weather in Kyrgyzstan:
Expect temperatures to be between 15-50 degrees, and it can be windy. The elevation you will be hunting is between 7,500 to 10,500 feet.

Kyrgyzstan ibex hunting areaTravel
Hunters and baggage are transported to base cam in the Tien-Shan Mountains of Central Kyrgyzstan via 4×4 vehicles. Hunters can also choose to travel to base camp by helicopter at an extra cost.

Once you arrive in camp, all travel will be by horseback or on foot.

Marco Polo Hunting Itinerary:
Day 1: Arrive in Bishkek where you will be met at the airport. They will help check your rifle and visa. Travel to hunting camp.
Day 2: Sight in your rifle and “adapt” to the altitude.
Days 3 – 9: Marco Polo hunting.
Day 10: Return to Bishkek, and overnight at a Hotel.
Day 11: You will rest and sight-see in Bishkek.
Day 12: Catch your return flight home.

Accommodations on Your Marco Polo Hunt
This Outfitter has a number of hunting camps. Some are in the Naryn Region of the Tian Shan Range near the China Border. All of these camps all are very comfortable and well staffed. There are four staff workers for each client. Accommodations are comfortable. You will be staying in hunting houses, yurts and/or tents with stoves and camping essentials. Each camp has horses, water, three meals a day and electricity.

petroglyph of ibex in kyrgyzstan camp2 camping food guiddes

Hunt Reports:

  • Hunt Report - Kyrgyzstan Ibex and Marco Polo
    People don't know what they are missing out on. My Kyrgyzstan Ibex and Marco Polo hunt was an unbelievable experience of a lifetime!
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People don’t know what they are missing out on. Just because Kyrgyzstan end in “stan” doesn’t mean you wont make it back alive. An unbelievable experience of a lifetime! See the entire hunt report here. Kyle Hawkins Texas

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The success rates with this Marco Polo hunting outfitter is very high. His attentive, client-oriented service will ensure an unforgettable hunting adventure. ~Herb Hull

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