Man Eating Crocodile Shot by Hunter in Africa

Man eating crocodile

A hunter shot this man eating crocodile in Africa. When they were cleaning him, they found a partially digested person inside.

To crocs, we were just part of the food chain, and man eating crocodiles are fairly common. Crocodile hunters often discover bracelets, bits of jewelry and human remains in the stomach of crocs when they clean them.

The most deadly existing reptile, the crocodile has always been on the “Man’s worst enemies” list. It evolved over 170 million years ago as an efficient killing machine. More people are killed and eaten by crocodiles each year in Africa than by all other animals combined. Their instinct is predation, to kill any meat that floats their way. Native’s in Africa won’t eat crocodiles because they feel they are eating their relatives. That’s how many man eating crocodiles there are in Africa.

Hunting Crocodiles:

Crocodile hunts are often done as a croc, hippo combo hunt. Crocodile hunting is surprisingly challenging and you should plan on at least 10 days to find and take a big one. What you do is find where a big male croc lives and wait for him to come out on the bank to lay in the sun. Once you find the one you want, you have to take a shot at a tiny bump on top of his skull. These animals can be over 100 years old and risky shots are not allowed. A croc hunt is a very cool adventure!

Caution! Man Eating Crocodile!

If you have a weak stomach, beware. These pictures are…. graphic to say the least.

Open the thumbnails below at your own risk.

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    1. Tom Sorenson says

      Are these for real?! I should have known I didn’t want to open those thumbnails…now I’ve got a serious case of queasy stomach. Know the story behind it? Did these guys just shoot a croc and as they started to clean it, they found the body parts? Absolutely crazy.

    2. kmurray says

      Wow! I thought I had a good stomach until I figured out that what I was looking at in that last picture were teeth! Yikes!

    3. wow that is F'ed up says

      Jesus thats some serious sh!t..RIP to the poor dude who became that croc’s last meal..what a way to go. At least he probably got drowned first.

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