Maine Whitetail Hunting

Maine Whitetail Hunting LodgeTraditional Maine whitetail hunting.

Low whitetail deer densities and huge tracts of forest allows for a high percentage of older age class bucks over 4.5 yrs with heavy racks and larger body weights of 200 lbs or more field dressed with these whitetail hunting outfitters. Maine whitetail hunting can be a sleeper and this outfitter is the best in the business in his area.
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Maine Whitetail HuntingHunting Method
These whitetail hunting Outfitters use different hunting tactics depending on the weather, hunters abilities, food sources, and rutting activity. These deer have larger home ranges and are harder to pattern than deer in areas with limited forest cover and concentrated food sources but are still predictable. They favor edges created by two different cover types, such as where a hardwood ridge grades to a softwood swamp. They use stream bottoms, saddles, and long, sloping shelves as travel corridors. Although they strive to cater to everyone’s needs and abilities the most successful method for us has been from tree stands or blinds overlooking key areas.

After a day of traditional Maine whitetail hunting, put your feet up and relax in front of one of the river stone fireplaces just as the early sportsmen and women did a hundred years ago. Photos and trophies from days past adorn the walls and the striking stone fireplaces, decor rich in history provide the ambience of turn of the century hunting excursions without sacrificing the modern-day luxuries you’d expect from a world-class lodge. The gorgeous 8,000 square foot, 10 bedroom 7 bathroom three story facility offers a welcome retreat after a long day’s hunt.

Additional amenities include satellite TVs, bar, pool table, game tables, roomy dining/meeting areas, spacious great room, large outdoor deck, pro shop, hot tub and full commercial kitchen.