Lion Hunting Safari in Mozambique

Lion hunting in Mozambique

A Mozambique lion hunting Safari that will take you back 100 years

This is a traditional, classic lion hunting Safari in remote Mozambique.

This is one of the only areas left in all of Africa where you can hunt truly wild, free ranging lions. This is a huge area of over 200,000 acres, and only two lions are taken here yearly.

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This is the type of African lion hunting Safari you read about in Outdoor Life as a kid. You will hunt lions out of traditional tented camps on more than 200,000 acres in Mozambique. Mozambique offers some of the last, truly wild areas left in Southern Africa.

Free roaming prides of lions, cape buffalo, and leopards are common in the area, as are local, native Plains Game species which include Roosevelt Sable; Livingston Eland; Lichtenstein Hartebeest; and Niassa Wildebeest.

Lion Hunting Season in Mozambique
The best times to hunt in Mozambique is July through November.

Hunting Method
Lion hunting in Mozambique is done over bait. Usually bait will be a buffalo or plains game animal from one of the previous hunts. A lion hunt almost always follows directly behind a buffalo hunt so that lions can be pre-baited before you even arrive in camp. The ideal situation is for you to arrive and already have the baits being hit. Calling is sometimes used as well. Electric, remote callers can be very effective in some situations. Trail cams are used to identify trophy lions that are hitting the bait. Lion hunts are guided 1-on-1, plus trackers.

Success Rate
All lion hunts in Mozambique are at least 14 days is recommended to make sure that you are successful. Your Safari can also be extended if necessary to ensure that you get your trophy.

Lion Hunting Safari in Mozambique

This Mozambique Outfitter has over 50 years combined safari experience between the two Professional Hunters, they are Big 5 Certified, and will ensure that your hunt is fun, exciting and safe. They pride themselves on hunting to the highest standards and ethics.”

Trophy Quality
Mozambique is truly the untouched gem of Africa. One of the few areas in Africa that still permits big game hunting. You can expect to hunt old, mature male lions that are a minimum of 5 to 6 years old.

Other Available Game
Once you have taken your lion, there are cape buffalo as well as many species of plains game to hunt on a trophy fee basis. Species include Roosevelt Sable; Livingston Eland; Lichtenstein Hartebeest; and Niassa Wildebeest.

If permits are available, it is possible to combine your lion hunt with buffalo and/or leopard, however this needs to be planned out prior to your hunt. Leopards take planning before hand to ensure success.

Travel, food and lodging for this hunt

Map of MozambiqueTravel
Your Professional Hunter will meet you the moment you clear customs at the Johannesburg airport. They will meet you as you exit customs and walk you to the rifle permit office to retrieve your gun. You and your PH will overnight at a lodge 5 to 10 minutes from the airport that caters only to hunters.

Charter flight into mozambiqueThe next morning, you will fly to Pemba, Mozambique. From there, you have two options, an 8 hour drive to the hunting area, or a charter flight directly there. We suggest the charter as it will save you a hunting day.

You will also accompanied back to the airport at the end of your safari. You will feel safe and well taken care of for your entire hunt.

Traditional Tented Safaris in Mozambique
Your lion hunt will be conducted out of rustic, traditional African fly camp in the heart of the 200,000+ acre concession. Elephant and leopard hunts are conducted out of a fixed tented camp with a thatch roof.

Both camps are equipped with gas operated hot, running water; showers; flush toilets; fully-equipped, gas operated kitchens; and solar panel electric lights and plugins for your electrical equipment. All tents are en-suite with their own private bathroom, comfortable beds, and screened to keep out insects. A satellite phone is available for emergency communication.


The food on the hunt is organic, and sourced from the local area. Fresh fruit and vegetables are purchased from local markets and the venison is hunted in the area. Due to the nature of this hunt, it is difficult to have a planned dinner as you may arrive in camp at 6PM or later.

A day’s meals consists of an early morning breakfast before you leave camp, a snack lunch is provided in the bush, and dinner upon your return to camp from hunting for the day. Local cold beer, soda, wine or hard liquor will be available. There are running refrigerators in the back of the Safari vehicles.

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