Life Lessons Learned While Elk Hunting

Cory Glauner Big elk

I’ve hunted a lot of elk. I’ve guided a lot of elk hunts as well, so I feel qualified to give you a few elk hunting tips.

If I’ve learned one thing it’s that elk hunting parallels life… and life isn’t fair. Be careful what you ask for, ’cause you just might get it.

Here are a few elk hunting tips:

1. You’re not as good as you think you are.
2. Once you get to the top, there’s usually something higher.
3. The “top” is windy, cold and sometimes lonely.
4. If there’s not a trail, make your own.
5. If you have a choice, take the high trail.
6. Sometimes the Herd Bull’s a dink.
7. Persistence pays off. Put in the time.
8. Take the “easy” ones when you can. You’ll earn ’em. Trust me.
9. Easy is a relative term.
10. Lean on your strengths.
11. Improve your weaknesses. Be honest.
12. The smart ones keep their mouth shut.
13. Shoot Straight.
14. Don’t shoot too far.
15. Be aggressive, but know when to back off.
16. Sometimes it happens when you least expect it.
17. Get up early. Work hard. Stay late.
18. Practice will never make you perfect, but it will make you better.
19. Your buddy who gets his elk every year isn’t lucky. He’s good. Figure out how he does it.
20. Sometimes you get what you want and it still stinks.
21. Sometimes you follow all the rules and you still come up short.
22. Misunderstanding the word ” Persistence” is often the problem.
23. All lessons learned the hard way. Elk hunting makes you wiser.
24. Sometimes when it seems too good to be true it usually is.
25. The only thing you can count on, is you can’t count on anything.

by Cory Glauner

Do you have any elk hunting tips to add to the list? Let us know.



  1. Tom Sorenson says

    Sometimes you work your butt off and don’t see anything. Be persistent. The bull will get curious sooner or later.

    By the way, are these original? Because you oughta have them published somewhere…seriously good stuff.

    • Outdoors International says

      Yep, original. I’ve thought about this post for years… just didn’t know it would end up in this form. I’m going to keep adding to it.

  2. Damon Preite says

    Awesome! Sometimes when it seems too good to be true it usually is. And the only thing you can count on, is you can't count on anything. haha

  3. Deborah Kindelberger says

    So Kris you should just call the elk vs truck a good hunting day! Now go watch the game the refs are back…

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