Idaho and Wyoming Mountain Lion Hunting

One of the hardest working guides in the business

Idaho Mountain Lion HuntsWyoming mountain lion hunting in the mountains on the border of Southeastern Idaho and Western Wyoming. This area is known for consistently producing trophy mountain lions.

“The outfitter and guides on this hunt are some of the best. Extremely hard working and their determination for success is unmatched.”
~ Marc Warnke

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Both Idaho and Wyoming mountain lion hunting are five days fully guided. Typically, the hunt will be Monday thru Friday with lodging and meals. Both Idaho and Wyoming Mountain Lion hunting trips are guided one-on-one. This Outfitter also has multiple packs of hounds, houndsmen and extra equipment available to accommodate the hunters.

“We have had days where we have cut several lion tracks, then it is decision time. We have to decide on which track is the biggest and freshest. Release the hounds!”
~ The Outfitter

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Hunting Season

Normal Wyoming mountain lion hunting season runs from December thru March. Earlier hunts are sometimese available in November depending on snow conditions.

Hunting Method

Your guides will be out sometimes all night trying to cut tracks with the use of snow machines, atvs and 4×4’s depending on snow conditions. Once a good track is found, hunting will take place with hounds. Hunters are welcome to use archery, muzzle-loader or rifles. This can be a very physical hunt at times depending on location and it can sometimes be a short hike from the snow machines.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality

– The success rate on both Idaho and Wyoming mountain lion hunting is over 90% for the last nine years.
– Trophy quality is very good. An average Tom weighs 135 to 145 lbs with a full winter coat.

Available Game

A cow elk hunt may be added on for an additional fee of $500.00 + tag. Tag must be purchased in July. This only applies in Wyoming for the months of December and January.


There are three airports located with a short drive. Salt Lake International, Idaho Falls and Jackson Hole. Arrangements can be made for pick up by the outfitter.


Lodging is typically at the Outfitters’ log home which is located in Wyoming one mile from the Idaho border. All hunters have private bedrooms and bath.

*You will stay in a hotel (which is covered by the outfitter) if you are hunting in Idaho.


Meals will be taken care of the through the duration of the hunt from the evening before the hunt and breakfast the day after the hunt.

These guides will work hard from the early morning hours cutting tracks while you are sleeping and dreaming of a trophy mountain lion.”

~ Lavoy Eborn

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