Kryptek Hunting Apparel

Kryptek gear Hunting Apparel

A Little History On Kryptek Gear:

Kryptek has introduced a technical hunting clothing line that has Military tactical apparel attributes imbedded in it. Many of these features have come to fruition from years of combat in ultra extreme conditions and environments. They saw that the hunting apparel industry was lacking a technical clothing line that was functional, durable, dependable, reliable and didn’t break the bank, so they formed Kryptek.

The owners, Josh Cleghorn and Butch Whiting, spent most of their adult lives in the military, and completely understand the dilemma out there when it comes to technical clothing… Money. They wanted to offer a high end apparel line that wasn’t over-charged. They want to build the best technical hunting apparel line in the market and make it affordable for the end user.

What Our Pro Staff Thought About Kryptek Gear:

We just got home from an early archery elk hunt in Idaho. It was our second hunt wearing our Kryptek gear, the first hunt was in Africa… and the jury is out. We LOVE it! It performed flawlessly, it is tough, it blends in great in all terrain from Africa to Idaho, it looks good, it is functional, it has cool features… just watch our video. We’re sure you’ll be impressed.

UPDATE: Since this post, Kryptek Gear has taken on a new look with their popular new Highlander pattern. The 2nd and now 3rd generation of this gear is MUCH better than it was at the time of this post, and I am confident that they will continue to up the bar. In addition to Highlander, they have other patterns coming to market soon as well.

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