Kashmir Markhor Hunting in Pakistan

Kashmir Markhor hunting was once reserved for Kings.

Massive Kashmir MarkhorUnattainable to the International trophy hunter until recently, Kashmir Markhor hunting was reserved solely for distinguished guests of Kings.

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Legal hunting season for Markhor runs from November through mid-April. The rut occurs in December and often provides a unique advantage for the hunter.

January, February and even early March have disadvantages with the weather as it can turn bad any moment. However, April is also considered a good time to hunt as the Markhor come down to forage for the green grass that appears when the snow melts.

Great Kashmir MarkhorBeing a comparatively low altitude animal, Markhor thrive at altitudes between 2,000 and 3,000 meters in this area. As with any other mountain hunt, chasing Kashmir Markhor also requires a great deal of physical activity.

Although it is far easier than hunting the Astor Markhor, any would-be-hunters are advised to get into good physical condition prior to the hunt.

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Acknowledged as the most sought after Markhor, the Kashmir Markhor’s difference lies in the twisting configuration of it’s horns.

Giant Kashmir MarkhorWhat makes Kashmir Markhor hunting so unique is the rarity of the animal. Four permits for each of the three subspecies of Markhor are granted each year by the Pakistani government, a total of only 12 Markhor licenses annually.

Travel to Pakistan is fairly easy.
Known also as Pir Punjal, the Kashmir Markhor is named after the territory it inhabits. Kashmir Markhor live in the Northwest Territories of Pakistan, more specifically, Chitral Valley.

Trophy Kashmir MarkhorThese animals can be found from about 40 miles north of Chitral town, southwards into Dir and westwards into Swat Kohistan. Around Chitral, Kashmir Markhor can be hunted in 3 separate conservation areas with the help of the local communities.

Depending on the hunting area, accommodations may vary.
Some of the areas offer good hotel accommodations. On the other hand local guest houses in villages may be used as a means of lodging depending on the locality.

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