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Who hasn’t dreamed of going on Safari?


We have the connections, knowledge and the experience to find the perfect African Safari for you.

Africa is the ultimate hunting destination for many hunters wishing to hunt Internationally.

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If you’ve never been to Africa, the time to start planning is now. If you’ve been, well… we both know you want to go again.

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Already know what you’re looking for?

  • I am thinking about going to Africa for the first time.
  • I’ve been before, and I dream of going to Africa again.
  • I have certain plains game species on my list that I want to hunt.
  • I want to take my family to Africa, but not all of them are hunters.
  • My budget is tight, so I need to find an inexpensive hunt.
  • Bowhunting in Africa is what interests me.
  • Plains game are great, but I want to hunt the Big Five!
  • A photo Safari is what interests me.

Whatever type of Safari you’re looking for, we can help you set it up.