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International hunting is something that almost every hunter wants to experience at some time in his or her hunting career, but the logistics can be daunting. That’s where Outdoors International comes in. We will find you the best International Hunting Outfitter that fits your ideal experience and take care of all of the details for you.

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Africa Hunting Safaris

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All-inclusive Safari packages or traditional African Hunting Safaris for both dangerous game and plains game. International hunting safaris to Africa often represent that once-in-a-lifetime trip that you’ve dreamed about for years and the hunting consultants at Outdoors International take great pride in making these safaris affordable and memorable experiences…the kind of hunt you’ll be telling your grandchildren about. For “seasoned” hunters looking for something special, we can help set up custom safaris as well.
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Asian Hunting Safaris

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Asia hunting trips for some of most incredible big game animals in the world like the Marco Polo Sheep and Mid-Asian Ibex.

Asia, the largest continent on earth, has fascinated Western man since the dawn of recorded history. Hunting in Asia is rivaled only by Africa due to the number and variety of species, most of which are unique to this continent. Asia is home to more species of sheep and goats than all other continents of the world combined, as well as to huge deer, bear, and a variety of antelope. Fortunately, the current geopolitical situation permits International hunting access to Asia. Never before have the opportunities for adventurous hunters been so great or the traveling itself so easy! Request More Information »

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Hunting in Europe

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Hunting (stalking) is part of European history. Centuries of tradition add to an International hunting trip in Europe. Book a guided hunting tour for red stag, roe bucks, fallow deer and russian boar in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Central Europe and then round out your trip with a traditional European driven pheasant hunt. Request more info »

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Hunting in South America

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An interesting variety of big game is found in South America. Huntable native species include cougar, whitetail deer, two species of brocket deer and two species of peccary. Additionally, ranchers in Argentina have exotic species. Red deer, Axis deer, blackbuck, fallow deer and wild boar are a few examples.

South America is also home to the finest International hunting and wing shooting on earth boasting millions of doves, pigeons and waterfowl of many species. Long shooting seasons and liberal, or no bag limits make South America a wing shooter’s destination without equal. Request more info »

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Hunting in the South Pacific

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Hunting the South Pacific is enjoyable, not so much because of the species hunted, as for the area itself. There were no large mammals in the South Pacific prior to European settlement in the 18th century. Europeans brought with them several species of domestic stock, some of which became feral. Other species were purposely introduced for sport and venison and have established healthy wild populations. Nowadays there are a dozen species and subspecies of deer, two wild oxen, wild pigs and other animals available for International hunting. Request more info »

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