Idaho Spring Bear Hunts / Turkey Combos on Private Ranches

turkey black bear combo hunt in Idaho

They usually bear hunt only in the evenings and then turkey hunt in the mornings when the birds are coming out of roost.

What makes these Idaho spring bear hunts unique is the ability to combo them with turkey hunting. These Idaho spring bear hunts / turkey hunt combos take place over baits on the Joseph Ranch in Idaho’s hunting unit 13. We have visited this ranch personally and it is a very neat place to hunt this combo. Get more information »

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We usually bear hunt only in the evenings and then turkey hunt in the mornings when the birds are coming out of roost. In the evenings we listen and can easily locate the birds so we can get you setup in the right place for turkey hunting in the morning. There are lots of turkeys on the ranch and we rarely have trouble getting our clients at least one turkey during this hunt.”

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Whitebird Idaho bearHunting Season
Bear season starts mid April and goes through Spring.

Hunting Method
These are any weapon black bear hunting units so you can hunt with a rifle, archery, or even pistol.

Spring black bear hunting with the added bonus of up to 2 turkeys in Idaho’s unit 13. Access to the baits is fairly easy. Usually they drive right up to the bait with a 4-wheeler. Usually black bear hunting is in the evenings and you will turkey hunt in the morning. This is a 5 day combo hunt which includes all lodging and meals. 95% success for black bears on this hunt and almost 100% on at least 1 turkey.

Over the years during the elk season this outfitter has noticed the large number of black bears on their ranches, so they started putting out some bear baits in the spring and it was a huge success. If you choose to hunt in the spring you will hunt over baits. These spring hunts also offer the opportunity to combo up for a turkey hunt. They also offer a Fall Spot-and-Stalk black bear hunt.

Spring Bear and turkey hunting in Northern IdahoColor phase bears are common in Idaho
Color phases run about 50% in this area, Ranging from dark chocolate brown to cinnamon, blonde, and red. Average bears are from 5’10” to 6’6”, with some going 7 foot and larger.

Gear Checklist for this Hunt
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Scott Haugen hunting black bear in Idaho

Scott Haugen hunting black bear in Idaho

There are two ranches, so lodging will be in either cabins or a guest house, complete with big screen TV, and private bedrooms for couples or families. The lodging is modern with full bathrooms, cabins, and nice large dining-living room area.

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