Idaho Mule Deer Rut Hunt in the Frank Church Wilderness

A truly awesome mule deer hunting experience!

Mule deer hunting in Idaho Frank Church WildernessThis Idaho mule deer rut hunt takes place in the heart of the mule deer rut and migration area in late October through November 18.

You will be amazed at the number of deer you will see each day on this very special hunt. This is a deer “shopping hunt” as you will see hundreds of deer. It’s not uncommon on this hunt to see 20-50 bucks a day!

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This is not just mule deer hunting… it’s the ultimate wilderness experience! Our Pro Staff has been on this mule deer rut hunt multiple times and it is without a doubt, Approved!

This Idaho mule deer rut hunt is the real thing…unmatched landscapes, pack in on horseback, camping out, spot & stalk mule deer hunting, experienced guides, outstanding meals and much more. It’s the whole nine yards.

Hunt trophy mule deer during the rut AND in a migration zone!

A happy OI client with a huge 208-inch Idaho late season mule deerIdaho Mule Deer Hunting Season
-Late October through November 18

Hunting Method
This is a classic, horseback spot-and-stalk mule deer hunt. The deer should be migrating through and the mule deer rut will be in full swing as well. On a normal year, you can expect to see at least twenty bucks per day. During your hunt you should about 10 bucks that will go over 160″ or so, and I’ve never been on this hunt and not seen at least two HUGE bucks in a week.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality

  • Opportunity Rate is 95%
  • Success Rate is 85%
  • Most bucks will be mature 4-points

There is a very reasonable possibility that you could take the mule deer buck of your life on this hunt.

Hunting in the Frank Church Wilderness

I’ve been on this hunt three times, both as a guide and as a hunter. I’ve hunted a lot of places, and this is one of my favorites. LOTS of mule deer. LOTS of big mule deer. The mule deer rut is in full swing and you will see unpressured bucks right from your tent. An incredible hunt.
-Cory Glauner

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Idaho Wilderness Company in Idaho
Travel to Idaho
Most hunters will fly or drive to Challis, Idaho where they will take a backcountry flight into a private air strip in the wilderness. The Outfitter will pick you up at the strip with horses and a string of mules and pack you into camp. Hunting will be on foot and on horseback.

(208) 867-6675

Big Creek
Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness
No fences, no fancy lodges, no travel by SUV or ATV, nor are there any crowds or cell phones. This is a true mountain man experience and the hunt of a lifetime in an area that spans 340+/- square miles. This country is rich in history and free roaming, non-pressured mule deer abound.

Camp consists of a cook (kitchen) tent and hunter tents (two hunters per tent) and is right up on top of a big, flat ridge with about ten finger ridges that come off of it. There is no need to get up super early because you are right amongst the deer and can glass just a few hundred yards from camp while breakfast is being cooked and the horses are being saddled by the guides. Once you eat breakfast, you will ride out with your guide and glass the finger ridges.

Camp 9

When you walk away from your hunt with experience and memories that will read like the tales of mountain men of old and the stories you will share with others will be told for years and years. -Steve Zettel

IDaho late season mule deer hunting

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“Went on this hunt a few years ago. The quality of the animals was “down” that year…. We only saw about 30 bucks that went in the 170″ range. Had a look at a 190″+ but he out smarted us. With quality down and that many animals I can’t imagine what a good year would look like! Awesome hunt with awesome outfitter!” -CHRIS CANTLER