Idaho Black Bear Hunt on Private Land

Spot and Stalk Black Bears on Private Land in Unit 14

Idaho Black Bear Hunt on Private LandThis is a fall spot and stalk Idaho black bear hunt located on the Whitebird Ranch in Idaho’s hunting Unit 14.

Idaho black bear hunting is all of September, but this Outfitter does the majority of the hunts in the first 3 weeks of the month. The bears come down on the the open hill side to feed on wild plumbs. This has been a very fun hunt for our clients year in and year out.

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Idaho spot and stalk black bearHunting Season
This Idaho black bear hunt takes place in September, which makes it a cool elk/bear combo.

Hunting Method
Black bear hunting takes place on the hillsides over canyons filled with the large wild plum orchards, which the bears come down to in the evenings. Watch bears browse the hillsides in search of the ripest fruit available, and once a shooter is located, try to get within shooting range. It’s nothing to see 4 or 5 bears a night; and it’s just a matter of getting close enough to the right bear!

*This is an any-weapon black bear hunting unit so you can hunt with a rifle, bow, or even pistol.

Trophy Quality
An incredible 50% of the bears on this Idaho ranch are color phase, running from dark chocolate brown to cinnamon, blonde, and red. Average bears are from 5’10” to 6’6”, with some going 7 foot and larger. These black bears also tend to be fatter this time of year, pushing them up into the 300-400 pound range, with some getting up to 450-500 pounds.

An incredible 50% of the bears on this Idaho ranch are color phase, running from dark chocolate brown to cinnamon, blonde, and red.”

The Ranch
The huge private ranch that you will be hunting holds thousands of wild plum trees which fill every canyon on the ranch with some of the tastiest wild fruit around and be black bears come from the surrounding mountains down to the ranch in order to fatten up for the winter. During this one month they will gain around 100 pounds by eating wild plums.

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There are two ranches, so lodging will be in either cabins or a guest house, complete with big screen TV, and private bedrooms for couples or families. The lodging is modern with full bathrooms, cabins, and nice large dining-living room area.

Field photos from this Idaho bear hunt:

Years ago, during the elk season we began to notice more and more black bears on our ranches, so we started putting out some bear baits in the spring and it was a huge success and it naturally led to fall black bear hunting.

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