VIDEO: Idaho Archery Elk Hunt

Watch the Outdoors International Team get it done in style in this Idaho archery elk hunt video.

The OI Team with Marc Warnke's Idaho bull Bowhunting for elk is a tradition for the Outdoors International team, and the 2011 season was no exception… as this Idaho archery elk hunt video will prove.

The season started slow compared to previous seasons, although on the 1st morning Marc did miss a small bull…. but that’s another story. The action really took place a few days later. On the third morning of their hunt, Russ Meyer and Cory Glauner pass on a few little raghorn bulls at a ridiculously close range (less than two yards) that Marc Warnke called in right off the bat. If you don’t have much time, stop reading now and start the video at 1:20. Trust me, it will be worth your time.

Just minutes after the encounter with the two little bulls, a spike came in to 15 yards and they passed on him well. We were happy with our morning and figured that would be it when another bull bugled up the canyon. It was Russ’ turn to call, and Marc set up high and Cory set up low. A decent six point slowly moved in and started raking a tree just 30 yards above Marc, but he had no shot. Eventually, after about a half hour of destroying a pine tree, the bull moved down towards Russ and past Marc at 8 yards. Marc got caught drawing his bow and just milliseconds before he had time to run, Marc mades a great shot right in the boiler room. It was just one of those special days in the elk woods when things just went right. Worth watching for sure.

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  1. Cory Glauner says

    It was an incredible morning to say the least… wow. Funny how you spend years trying to get good footage and then you get ALL OF IT in one morning.

  2. says

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  3. Tony Castro says

    I have been watching your videos and enjoy them. Looking forward to this years archery season in Idaho with my son. I’m retired law enforcement an my son is in law enforcement so our time with each other is important. Looking for my first bull kill. Had one last season 15 feet away but he jumped before I could get a shot off. Hope to go to same spot and be the lucky one. Looked at alot of video’s to help me with some technics and calling.

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