Tur Hunting in Asia

Tur Hunting in Asia is Popular Among Hunters Hunting the Capra World Slam.

The Tur (Capra) is a wild goat comprised of several subspecies. Tur are found in Asia and have several subspecies, not all of which are huntable. Huntable species of tur include: Kuban Tur; Dagestan Tur; and Mid-Caucasion Tur.

*The Dagastan Tur is not a sheep but a goat (ibex type). However, the horns resemble the blue sheep enough to have interested sheep hunters for a long time. The Ovis World Slam includes this tur for that reason, among others. It also counts toward the Capra World Slam.

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Beautiful Dagestan Tur Massive Dagestan Tur Great Eastern Tur Dagestan Tur taken in Azerbaijan

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