Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunting

Sheep Hunts:

The desert bighorn sheep is usually the last ram of a “grand slam” to be taken, and is often never taken at all. The Desert bighorn can be tough to hunt, but the greatest obstacle is the difficulty of getting a permit… there aren’t many available. Limited permits are available through drawing in Arizona, Nevada and a few other states, but few permits are allotted to non-residents. The easiest place to hunt a desert bighorn ram is Mexico, where good hunts are operated by the government. Unfortunatley though, these hunts are VERY expensive.

Warning: Avoid cut-rate sheep hunts offered by locals in Mexico, as they are illegal, and if brought into the United States will expose the owner to prosecution.

Mexico Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunting Mexico Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunting
  • Mexico Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunting
  • Guaranteed 100% Shooting Opportunity
  • TROPHY Rams
  • Finish your Grand Slam
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