Rhino Hunting Safaris

Both huntable species of rhino live in Africa, the Black Rhinoceros (which are critically endangered) and the White Rhinoceros (registered as vulnerable, with over 9,000 remaining in the wild).

black rhinoThe White Rhino, thanks to conservation efforts and hunter dollars, has increased in numbers sufficiently to once again be hunted in South Africa.

The Black Rhino has not fared as well and is still highly protected, although every once in a while an old problem, non-breeding bull comes up for auction. Be sure to join our newsletter so we can let you know when these come available.

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Rhino’s are often considered the most placid of the Big Five species to hunt. They are often more aggressive and belligerent than ferocious.

“Green Hunts” for rhinos.

Rhino green hunts
Hunter dollars are the driving force behind conservation efforts for rhinos.
Many hunters contribute to further research and recovery by doing a rhino green hunt.

This is shooting a rhino with a tranquilizer dart. Once a rhino is darted on your green hunt, a vet will examine and medicate him, and take care of any other necessary data for research.

Green hunt for rhinos
US hunters pose with a rhino that has been “green hunted”, contributing tens of thousands of dollars to rhino conservation.
Your PH will then take pictures and measurements for you taxidermist so he can recreate your trophy. There is now a place in the SCI Record Book for rhino green hunts.

*darting a rhino is just as dangerous as a traditional rhino hunt.

Please inquire with one of our hunting consultants if you are interested in a rhino green hunt.