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European Red Deer, or Red Stag Hunting is VERY Popular

Red deer hunting is a very traditional event in Europe. In addition to Red Deer hunts in Europe, Red stag hunting also takes place in Argentina and New Zealand. Some good Red Stag hunting can also be had in North America.

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incredible-stag bowhunting-for-red-stag Cory Glauner with his 380" North American Red Stag 513 SCI Red Stag

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Browse Our Red Stag Hunting Trips Around the World:

Most people think only of New Zealand when they think of hunting Red Deer, but there are many places around the world to hunt them, including their native Europe. Ask us about red stag hunting »

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Field Photos from Our Outfitters and Clients.


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Watch our Stag Hunting Videos:

These red stag hunting videos are a collection of hunting videos from our clients, pro-staff, and the outfitters that we work with.

Red Stag Hunting in North America

Watch Cory Glauner hunt a huge stag in Quebec with his bow. Learn more about this hunt »

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Custom Stag Hunting Gear Lists

gear lists are coming soon…