Black Bear Hunting

There are many choices in black bear hunting.

World Record Black Bear - 23 10/16 B&C
World Record Black Bear – 23 10/16 B&C
Spring or fall? Rifle or archery? Spot and stalk, or hunt over bait? Maybe even a bear hunt with hounds?

We’ll help find the right guide to fit the type of bear hunt that you are looking for.

Start Planning Your Hunt

Spot-and-Stalk Black Bear Hunts:

Our most popular black bear hunts are spot-and-stalk.

Black Bear Hunts over Bait:

When most hunters think of black bear hunting, they think hunting over bait. These hunts can be a ton of fun, and are usually have a very high success rate.

Hound Hunts:

Hunting bears with hounds is frowned on by some hunters, but we say “don’t knock it till you’ve tried it”. Hound hunting is MUCH more difficult than people assume, and we have some excellent hunts available.