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Muskox populations are stable and increasing. Two subspecies are usually recognized, barren ground muskox and Greenland muskox. Native muskox are found on the north slope of the Canadian mainland from about Cape Bathurst eastward to Hudson Bay, throughout the Canadian arctic islands (except Baffin Island), and on the northern and eastern coasts of Greenland. There are introduced and/or reintroduced populations in Alaska, Quebec and the west coat of Greenland.

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Muskox Hunting Videos

These muskox hunting videos are a collection of hunting videos from our clients, pro-staff, and the guides and outfitters that we work with.

Archery Muskox Hunting – “Three in the Books”

Join OI agent, Trevor Brittingham, as he and several hunting partners travel to the far northern edge of Canada with archery gear in pursuit of record book Barren-Ground Muskox.

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jake ensign muskox Fall Season Greenland Muskox Vicky Cianciarulo and her Archery Greenland Muskox Bob Foulkrod with a Giant Greenland Muskox

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