Mountain Lion Hunting Outfitters and Resources

Mountain lions are misunderstood creatures, here are a few mountain lion facts that many people don’t know. The mountain lion population is neither threatened, endangered, or at risk, and they are the most broadly distributed large mammal species in North America. The mountain lion population is increasing over most of its current range, and this is due mostly to two factors.

The mountain lion hunting guides and outfitters that we represent will all work hard for you on your hunt and run well trained hounds. Weather can be a HUGE factor for success with mountain lion hunts, so be sure to ask us about “on call hunts”. Ask us about mountain lion hunting »

Our Premium Hunts are listed first, but that by no means implies that our “regular hunts” are sub-standard.

  • Idaho & Wyoming Mountain Lion Hunting
    Idaho & Wyoming Mountain Lion Hunting

    Idaho & Wyoming mountain lion hunts with a VERY hard working guide.
    High success rates on trophy-sized mountain lions.

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  • Arizona Mountain Lion Hunts from Horseback on Dry Ground

  • These British Columbia hunts are in one of the best Mountain Lion Hunting areas in Canada. This hunt takes place in an exclusive outfitter territory that is made up of 1.6 million acres of prime mountain lion trophy hunting habitat in beautiful British Columbia. * This British Columbia Outfitter is fluent in German and has […]
  • Nevada has some incredible mountain lion hunting. It is a sleeper, and this Nevada Mountain Lion Hunting Outfitter goes above and beyond to try to ensure your success. This hunt is hunt is an affordable alternative to someone looking for a deal.  The houndman on this hunt does a great job and works his butt […]
  • Colorado Mountain Lion Hunts

    • Colorado Mountain Lion Hunting
    • Hunt with Good, Well Trained Hounds
    • Lots of Cougars in the Area
    • High Success Rate
    • Experienced Outfitter
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  • Mountain lion hunting is an incredible experience for one of most sought after trophies in the nation, and there is no wonder why after seeing a mountain lion up close and personal. They are a magical animal. “This mountain lion hunting outfitter has had about 90% success on these Idaho mountain lion hunts over the […]

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These mountain lion hunting videos are a collection of hunting videos from our clients, pro-staff, and the outfitters that we work with.

Archery Mountain Lion Hunt

Idaho – 2012
Go along with Marc Warnke and Outdoors International client Patrick Lance on a three day archery mountain lion hunt in Idaho. Watch as they take a mature trophy mountain lion with a bow.

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