Mountain Lion Hunting

We work with some of the best houndsmen in the business who eat, sleep and breathe mountain lion hunting.

World Record Mountain Lion -  16 4/16 B&C
World Record Mountain Lion – 16 4/16 B&C
Mountain lion hunting is a game of covering country until you find a track, then you try to keep up with the dogs.

The mountain lion hunting guides and outfitters that we represent will all work hard for you on your hunt and run well trained hounds.

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Weather can be a HUGE factor for success with mountain lion hunting, so be sure to ask us about “on call hunts”.

Mountain lions are misunderstood creatures, here are a few mountain lion facts that many people don’t know.

  • The mountain lion population is neither threatened, endangered, or at risk, and they are the most broadly distributed large mammal species in North America.
  • The mountain lion population is increasing over most of its current range, and this is due mostly to two factors.