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We have mountain goat hunting available in Alaska, Canada, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Washington and Oregon. If you draw a mountain goat tag, be sure to contact us for the best outfitters. We also have over-the-counter mountain goat tags available. Our hunting consultants will help you choose the Mountain Goat hunting guide or outfitter to fit the type of hunt that you are looking for.

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  • Utah Mountain Goat Hunting is incredible if you draw a tag. There are record book B&C Mountain Goats killed each year in Utah. This is usually a fairly easy hunt, but tough to obtain a mountain goat tag, either by drawing or purchasing a tax deductible conservation tag. Utah recently started a conservation tag program. […]
  • Alaska Vessel-Based Mountain Goat Hunting

    • Coastal Spot and Stalk
    • 95-100% success year after year
    • Trophy Mountain Goats
    • Guaranteed Goat Tags
    • Hunt from a Luxury Yaught
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  • British Columbia hunts in one of the best Mountain Goat Hunting areas in Canada. This hunt takes place in an exclusive outfitter territory that is made up of 1.6 million acres of prime mountain goat trophy hunting habitat in beautiful British Columbia. * This British Columbia Outfitter is fluent in German and has special packages […]
  • Trophy Mountain Goats
  • Toad River
  • Kechika River
  • September - October
  • Moose/Goat Combo
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  • British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunting / Elk Combo Hunt

  • Trophy Mountain Goat Hunts in Northwest British Columbia

    • True Trophy Mountain Goats
    • Hunts Available August through February
    • World Record Archery Goat
    • Northwest British Columbia
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Mountain Goat Hunting Videos

These mountain goat hunting videos are a collection of hunting videos from our clients, pro-staff, and the outfitters that we work with.

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