Moose Hunting

Moose hunting isn’t for the faint of heart. Are you ready for an adventure?

World Record Alaska-Yukon Moose - 261 5/8 B&C
World Record Alaska-Yukon Moose – 261 5/8 B&C
We offer both fully guided, and unguided moose hunts.

  • Fully guided moose hunts in Alaska average $17,000-$24,000 all included. If you find one for less, be skeptical.
  • Good unguided moose hunts will cost $5,000-$6500 and will usually have the option to rent camp gear and have the outfitter purchase food, or bring your own.

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Guided Moose Hunts:

We have tremendous options for both DIY moose hunts, and high quality, guided, trophy moose hunts in Alaska and Canada. If a fully guided moose hunt is in your budget then they are the only way to go. Average trophy quality will go up, as will your success.

*If you want to go fully guided, but don’t have the budget for Alaskan prices, we can get you on great Canadian bulls from $8500-$12,000. The trophy quality will be between 40-65 inches. Call us for details: (208) 867-6675


Self-Guided and DIY Moose Hunts:

While it is tempting, not many hunters are truly ready for a DIY moose hunt. Very few hunters are able to pack 12 loads of meat (in tundra) out on their back. Unprepared hunters often take 5-6 DAYS to pack their bull two miles or less to camp. Don’t put yourself in this position for a “good deal.”

*Also, many hunters think a float hunt is the solution, and it is NOT. The set up and tear down of camp on a regular basis is a big deal, AND moose will often be shot away from the river and still involve a packout.

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