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If you’re entertaining the choice between going moose hunting in Alaska, DIY (Do It Yourself) or going fully guided, here are the things you should consider. Fully guided moose hunts in Alaska are, on average, $17,000-$24,000 all included. If you find a moose hunt that costs less, be skeptical. Good unguided hunts will cost between $5,000-$6500 and will usually have the option to rent camp gear and have the outfitter purchase food, or bring your own.

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If a fully guided moose hunt is in your budget then they are the only way to go. Average trophy quality will go up, as will your success. *If you want to go fully guided, but don’t have the budget for Alaskan prices, we can get you on great Canadian bulls from $8500-$12,000. The trophy quality will be between 40-65 inches, and as the trophy quality goes up so does the price. We have tremendous options for both DIY moose hunts, and high quality, guided, trophy moose hunts in Alaska and Canada. Ask us about moose hunting »

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While tempting, not many hunters are ready for a DIY moose hunt.

Very few hunters are able to pack 12 loads of meat (in tundra) out on their back. Unprepared hunters often take 5-6 DAYS to pack their bull two miles or less to camp. Don’t put yourself in this position for a “good deal.” Also, many hunters think a float hunt is the solution, and it is NOT. The set up and tear down of camp on a regular basis is a big deal, AND moose will often be shot away from the river and still involve a packout. Ask us about self guided moose hunting »

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Subspecies of Moose in North America

Moose in North America tend to be darker in color around their faces and legs than their European cousins and tend to weigh more in both body mass and antlers. Antlers of North American are more pal-mated than European moose as well. The four moose subspecies in North America are the Alaska-Yukon moose; the Canada moose; and the Shiras moose.

Alaska-Yukon Moose

The Alaska Yukon Moose is the largest moose subspecies AND of any antlered game in the world! They are giants. Located between Alaska and Canada’s Northwest Territories, the Yukon is a world-class hunting destination for Alaska Yukon moose. The moose-to-human ratio in the Yukon is 2 to one and their population is steady to increasing.

Canada Moose

In North America, the Canada moose subspecies is exceeded in size only by the Alaska Yukon subspecies. The antlers of Canada moose are large and massive. The general color is a rusty brown. But can be almost black as well.

Shiras Moose

The Shiras moose subspecies has the smallest body and antlers of any North American moose. The Shiras moose is found in British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah.

Moose Hunting Videos

These moose hunting videos are a collection of hunting videos from our clients, pro-staff, and the outfitters that we work with.
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