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Leopard hunting requires a fair amount of patience…

Leopard hunting is one of the most difficult hunts there is. It requires planning, an extreme, technical setup, patience and a good dose of luck, but oh… the sweet reward.

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Although most hunting is done by hanging bait (usually a small to medium-sized plains game animal) from a tree and setting up in a ground blind, some outfitters also offer leopard hunts over hounds, which can be an adrenaline-filled adventure. Either way you hunt them, be prepared for a difficult, but rewarding hunt, and be sure to hire an experienced, qualified Professional Hunter, as you very well could be putting your life in their hands. Ask us about leopard hunting »

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It has been said that you hunt lion with your heart, and leopard with your brain!

The leopard is one of the most sought after hunting trophies, but also one of the hardest to come by.
mozambique leopard
Leopard Hunting Tips
Shot Placement for Leopard

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mozambique leopardZimbabwe Leopard hunting SafariBig Botswana LeopardFantastic Trophy LeopardImpressive LeopardMonster Trophy LeopardIncredible Leopard in BotswanaGreat Trophy LeopardHuge LeopardBeautiful LeopardGiant Botswana LeopardTanzania Leopard HuntsSuccessful Leopard HunterTanzania Leopard HuntsTanzania Leopard HuntsTanzania Leopard HuntsLeopard hunting in ZimbabweA monster leopardLeopard hunting in Zimbabweleopard

Leopard Hunting Videos

These leopard hunting videos are a collection of hunting videos from our clients, pro-staff, and the guides and outfitters that we work with.

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