Elk Hunting

We work with the best elk hunting outfitters in the business.

World Record Elk
World Record Elk – 442 5/8
Most people think of calling in huge bulls in a wilderness setting, but there are so many options with elk hunting.

  • Horseback, hiking or from a rig?
  • Lodge or tent camp?
  • Wilderness hunt, over-the-counter tag, buy a landowner tag or try to draw a trophy hunt?
  • Guided elk hunting or DIY?
  • Bowhunting, rifle or muzzle loader?
  • Trophy elk hunting or a meat hunt?

Start Planning Your Hunt Request Prices

We have a wide variety of hunts in all of the major elk hunting states and provinces. Rut hunts, wilderness hunts, and hunts on private land. Some of them are great trophy quality, limited entry hunts and some are OTC. Whatever type of hunt suits you, we can help you find it.

We even offer elk hunting leases, private ranch elk hunts, high fence elk hunts and corporate hunts.


Estate / High Fence Elk Hunts:

Estate hunts are usually for monster bulls over 400″.


Elk Hunting Podcast with Corey Jacobsen of Extreme Elk Magazine

Corey Jacobsen of Extreme Elk Magazine

Corey Jacobsen of Extreme Elk Magazine discusses location calling; challenge bugling; use of wind; set up strategies; the use of decoys; raking as a last resort; cow calling and his theory on competition among hunters and how he feels about that.

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