Blacktail Deer Hunting

Blacktail deer are somewhat under-appreciated… but we think you should give them a shot.

World Record Blacktail Deer
World Record Blacktail – 182 2/8 B&C
There are two types of blacktail deer:

  • Columbia blacktail
  • Sitka blacktail

Start Planning Your Hunt

Columbia Blacktail Deer Hunts:

The Columbia Blacktail Deer lives in the temperate rain forest of the Pacific coasts of California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Trophy blacktail deer will have a spread in excess of 24″, brow-tines and four or more points per side. We work with some great blacktail deer hunting outfitters.

Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunts:

Sitka blacktail deer, closely related to the Columbia Blacktail deer, live in the coastal rain forests of Northern British Columbia, and Southeastern Alaska. Normal adult antler development for Sitka deer is three points on each side. Antlers are relatively small, with very few scoring more than 110 points by the B&C scoring system.