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Proven deer hunting Outfitters for whitetail deer, Coues whitetail deer, Columbia blacktail deer, sitka blacktail and mule deer. More people hunt whitetail deer than any other species in the world, and hence, there are a TON of deer hunting outfitters out there. We only work with the best outfitters in the industry. You can feel confident that the hunts we offer are with quality outfitters that we have personally hunted with.

Whether you are looking for an affordable hunt, a trophy hunt, a wilderness adventure, a hunt for your kid, or a high fence hunt, we can find the right outfitter for you.

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Find Your Mule Deer Hunting Outfitter:

Mule deer hunting is the holy grail for many hunters. A true trophy mule deer is one of the most difficult trophies in North America and is one of our most asked about hunts year after year. We offer tested mule deer hunting Outfitters for trophy bucks over 200″ B&C as well as over-the-counter mule deer hunts for “average” mule deer. Ask us about mule deer hunting »

Scoring Mule Deer | Field Judging Mule Deer

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Find Your Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitter:

Whitetail hunting rules the North American big game hunting market, it is no secret that more whitetail deer are shot each year than all other big game combined. We represent many proven whitetail deer hunting guides and outfitters throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. No matter what type of deer hunt you are looking for, we can help you find it.
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Find Your Coues Deer Hunting Outfitter:

Coues deer hunting is very challenging. Coues deer are found in Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico. Coues deer are high-strung, and jumpy… tough to hunt. Famous big game hunter Jack O’Connor proclaimed the Coues deer to be “the most difficult of all deer to hunt”.
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Find Your Columbia and Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunting Outfitter:

There are two types of blacktail deer: the Columbia blacktail and the Sitka blacktail.
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  • The Columbia Blacktail Deer lives in the temperate rain forest of the Pacific coasts of California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Trophy blacktail deer will have a spread in excess of 24″, brow-tines and four or more points per side. We work with some great blacktail deer hunting outfitters.

  • Sitka blacktail deer, closely related to the Columbia Blacktail deer, live in the coastal rain forests of Northern British Columbia, and Southeastern Alaska. Normal adult antler development for Sitka deer is three points on each side. Antlers are relatively small, with very few scoring more than 110 points by the B&C scoring system.

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Watch our Deer Hunting Videos:

These deer hunting videos are a collection of hunting videos from our clients, pro-staff, and the outfitters that we work with.

Texas Deer Hunting and Spot-and-Stalk Hogs

Texas – 2013
Marc Warnke and his son Jaken go to East Texas for a Texas deer hunt and topped it off with an action-packed spot-and-stalk hog hunt. Get More Information About This Hunt »

Bowhunting for Antelope and Whitetails in Northwest Nebraska

Nebraska – 2013
Russ Meyer and his Client Kurt Tony bowhunt for whitetails and antelope in Northwest Nebraska.on 16,000+ acres of private land. Get More Information About This Hunt »

South Texas Management Whitetail Hunt

South Texas – 2011
Watch Outdoors International co-owner Cory Glauner take his first ever whitetail and then a great 141″ management buck in South Texas. Get More Information About This Hunt »

Father/Son Youth Texas Deer Hunting Video

Texas – 2012
Watch as Outdoors International co-owner Marc Warnke takes his seven year old son Jaken on his first youth hunt in South Texas for a management whitetail. Then, they head over to the Texas Hill Country for an exotic hunt where Jaken tags an awesome Corsican sheep. Get More Information About This Hunt »

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