Crocodile Hunting Safaris and Resources

Crocodile hunting in Africa can be surprisingly difficult.

Crocodile hunting SafarisInterestingly enough, the Nile Crocodile is not widely thought of as a sporting animal in most hunting circles. But that is slowly changing, and with good reason.

The crocodile is extremely intelligent, wary, and better adapted to a home that man finds it difficult to hunt in: water. He is widely distributed in Africa and even small pools of water should be approached with extreme caution because you just never who’s at home.

Usually, crocodiles are hunted from a blind on the bank once a big male has been found. Be sighted in “dead nuts” because you have to hit the brain, or the spinal column just behind the skull and neither is a large target.

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*Often, crocodile hunting is done in combination with a hippo hunt, as you will be hunting in the habitat of both. Be prepared to have lots of fun!

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