Cape Buffalo Hunting

Cape Buffalo hunting is extremely popular.

Cape Buffalo hunting has drawn more dangerous game hunters to Africa than all the other African Big 5 combined.

Regarded as one of the most ill-tempered animals on the face of the earth, Cape Buffalo hunts are extremely popular, and the most affordable of the African Big Five Hunting Safaris.

Scoring Cape Buffalo | GEAR LIST

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Mozambique tented safari Mozambique Tented Safari – A Classic, Traditional African Safari
  • Traditional East African Safari Tent Camps
  • Plains Game and Dangerous Game
  • 22 Species of Hunt-able Game!
  • Huge Herds of Cape Buffalo and Sable
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  • Zimbabwe Cape Buffalo Hunting Safari Zimbabwe Buffalo Hunting
  • True, Classic African Safari
  • Reputable Zimbabwe Buffalo PH
  • Tons of Buffalo
  • Airport Pickup/Drop-off
  • Add Plains Game to Your Buffalo Hunt
  • learn more Ask about this hunt
  • Tanzania Cape Buffalo Hunting Tanzania Cape Buffalo Hunts – High End Buffalo Safari
  • Exceptional Tented Camps
  • Trophy Cape Buffalo Bulls over 40"
  • Remote Tanzania near Rhuaha National Park
  • Unmatched Service
  • July through November Buffalo Safari
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  • South Africa Cape Buffalo Cow Hunting South Africa Cape Buffalo Cow Hunting – Affordable Buffalo Hunt
  • Cape Buffalo Cow Hunting
  • Affordable Way to Hunt Cape Buffalo
  • Luxury Accommodations
  • Trusted Outfitter
  • Combo with Plains Game
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  • South Africa Cape Buffalo Hunts - Kruger Park South Africa Cape Buffalo Hunting
  • Unbeatable Price!
  • "Almost" Free Ranging Cape Buffalo
  • Hunt Near or on Kruger National Park
  • Trophy Cape Buffalo Up To 40"
  • Buffalo Cow Hunts Available As Well
  • Plains Game Available
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  • Elephant-Hunting-Cameroun---Cameroon-Forest-Elephants Forest Elephant Hunting in Cameroon
  • Cameroon Forest Elephant Safaris
  • Hunt Forest Elephants with Pygmy Trackers
  • Forest Elephants in the Cameroon Jungle
  • Bongo, Dwarf Forest Buffalo, and Situanga
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  • Mozambique Buffalo Hunting Hunting Cape Buffalo in the Zambeze Delta of Mozambique
  • Classic Buffalo Hunting Safaris
  • Hunt the Famous Zambeze Delta
  • Lots of Trophy Buffalo in Mozambique
  • 22 Species of Huntable Plains Game
  • Classic African Safari
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    Cape Buffalo Hunting Field Photos from Our Outfitters