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Cape Buffalo hunting is extremely popular.

Cape Buffalo hunting has drawn more dangerous game hunters to Africa than all the other African Big 5 combined. Regarded as one of the most ill-tempered animals on the face of the earth, Cape Buffalo hunts are extremely popular, and the most affordable of the African Big Five Hunting Safaris.
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Field Judging Cape Buffalo

field judging cape buffaloWhen scoring cape buffalo, keep one thing in mind: A good cape buffalo is an old cape buffalo. Buff’s are fairly easy to field judge. Just look at the boss (bases) and the spread. If he has hard bosses and the horns are about a hands-width wider than the ears, you should shoot. Get the details on how to field judge cape buffalo here.

Scoring Cape Buffalo

There are two trophy recording systems for cape buffalo: SCI and Rowland Ward. Learn more about them here.

Cape Buffalo Hunting Field Photos from Our Clients and Outfitters

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Cape Buffalo Hunting Videos

These cape buffalo hunting videos are a collection of hunting videos from our clients, pro-staff, and the guides and outfitters that we work with.

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