Tips for Hunting in Alaska

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Tips for Hunting in Alaska

Planning and preparation are key to a successfully hunting in Alaska.

Talk with your hunting consultant to determine the best areas, Outfitter and times to hunt the species you seek. Purchase reliable equipment, and practice with it ahead of time. Be prepared physically and mentally for tough weather, difficult terrain conditions, isolation, and weather delays… these are all normal. Familiarize yourself with the Alaska hunting regulations and carry a copy with you into the field.

Alaska isn’t the place to go for a day hunt or even a short weekend hunts for that matter. Many hunters find it best to plan for a 5 to ten day hunt. This is due to weather and animal movement patterns.

Alaska is one-fifth the size of the entire United States, and offers wilderness hunting opportunities found in few other locations in the world. If marine mammals, wolf, and wolverine are considered, Alaska has over a dozen species of big game animals. Huge moose and vast caribou herds dominate the landscape in some areas of Alaska. The mountain ranges support populations of Dall sheep and mountain goats, and Sitka black-tailed deer thrive in the coastal forests. Once extirpated from the state, muskox now range over the western and arctic coastal wilderness. Large numbers of black bears, grizzly and brown bear live in Alaska, and wolves are found across most of the state. However, with all of this said, big game densities are generally much lower than you may be used to in more southerly states and provinces, making a good Outfitter key to your success for hunting in Alaska.

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