Hunting Gear Tech Investments for 2015


Sometimes the right piece of gear can make all the difference while out in the field. Hunting makes up a large part of both American culture and the economy, and hunters aren’t shy about spending their money. In fact, Wide Open Spaces reports that hunting supports more than 680,000 jobs and that hunters pay nearly 800 million dollars toward conservation programs. Hunters are often the first people to experiment with new technologies and apply them to real-world situations. That being said, here are a few hunter-approved pieces of tech that can make the difference between coming home empty handed or with a trophy:

Nikon PROSTAFF 7 Rangefinger

The most advanced rangefinder ever manufactured by Nikon, the PROSTAFF 7 is capable of accurate readings from three yards to 1,300 yards in half-yard measurement increments. Waterproof and damage-resistant, the PROSTAFF displays measurements in a half-second and features a target priority switching system that allows you to switch between distant target priority and first target priority. Distant target is great for wooded areas where a lesser rangefinder might be thwarted by obscuring brush and trees. On the other hand, first priority measures the distance between the rangefinder and the nearest object regardless of a busy background. Finally, the PROSTAFF features an eight-second continuous measurement with nothing more than the press of a button. This enables you to range a distant target with ease.

Samsung Gear S

Wearable technology has come a long way. For instance, Samsung’s Gear S smartwatch comes with a built-in GPS device, calling and texting abilities and four days of standby battery life. This means you can connect to the outside world when you want to and disconnect when you need to. And, unlike a phone or GPS device that takes up one of your free hands, a smartwatch can fulfill many of the technical assistance roles you need from your wrist. Run apps to track weather conditions and access maps without fumbling around in your pack and making noise. When it comes to simplicity and functionality, the Samsung Gear S is a hard-to-replace gadget.

Sportdog Tek 2.0 Tracking Collar

Sportdog’s newest tracking system refines its previous system by combining the best in modern mapping technology with Sportdog’s field-proven electronic collars. The base unit can track up to 21 dogs within a 10 mile range across the preloaded topgraphical map of North America. These maps make it possible to track your dogs through the trenches, ditches, washes and gullies that are included in the topographical maps. The antennae for the tracker is nestled neatly in the collar so dogs who are prone to dash through bushes after prey won’t catch themselves or damage the unit. Sportdog also manufacturers smaller systems for one or three dogs. However, if you are serious about running with a pack, you should make the investment to be sure everyone gets home safe and sound.

New hunting gadgets are continuously being created and updated. If you want to get a big trophy, invest in the right technology to put you at the top of the pack.


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