Hunting With Your ATV: What’s Needed

Cooler temperatures and emerging fall colors in the woods means more exciting adventures for ATV riders. However, along with the riding comes a renewed call for common sense and conscious interactions with others in the back country.

ATV enthusiasts aren’t the only ones in the deep Dakota woods on four-wheel. Hunters on ATVs are becoming a more common sight. Using ATVs gives hunters easier paths through the woods on trails that are unfit for trucks. ATVs are also very suitable to carrying supplies into remote forested areas, and storing and transporting the killed game back to your truck or other vehicle out of the woods after a hunt. Especially a large game or bear hunt.

But because of this increased activity, land management and wildlife agencies are constantly assessing impact on the environment by weekend ATVers and hunters. As a result, clearer guidelines for ATV responsibility and hunting safety protocol have risen in recent years. Having a better understanding for each is allowing ATV riders to respect the role of hunters and vice versa.

Supplies for the Game Hunt

In recent years, hunters have begun using ATVs to transport storage tools, carving knives, axes and other crucial equipment. That could be on top of using ATVs for hauling firewood and other needs. With the limited space, it’s important to know what’s crucial to bring.

Hunters are thrilled knowing that they possess the combination of the right skills and keen instincts to go into the woods, hunt, and kill and clean animals for food resources later on. For instance, let’s look at what’s needed for shooting, preparing and eating rabbits. Let’s focus on the key areas below.

1. A Good Eye

Bass Pro suggests that a canny eye may be the best equipment for any rabbit hunter. The site recommends that hunters look for rabbits in isolated patches, and make sure you can carefully identify your target as it makes a run.

2. Tools for Hunting Rabbits

Hunters need tools to protect themselves against wild animals, but they also need to be the right kind of tools for killing, preparing and (later) cooking and eating the animals. For rabbit hunting, this may include semi-automatic rifles, clubs, other large wooden objects, knives and cutting tools.

For good insights into dispatching rabbits on the hunt, have a look over at the many pages of How to Hunt a Rabbit.

3. Skin and Prepare the Rabbit

If you’ve never skinned and prepared a rabbit for eating, it’s not as tricky as you might guess. Check out the video below from Mark Gilchrist (Game for everything host) on the simple steps you’ll need to take to skin and prepare one (or 10) rabbits at a time.

Rabbit hunting is growing to be a popular sport among outdoors hunters. It’s important to learn the right ways to make a quick, clean kill. If you have any hesitations about hunting rabbits, check the web for good sites or YouTube clips like the one above for the right instructions from experienced hunters and ATV riders.


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