Why You Should Hunt South Africa This Year


I’m sure that you are painfully aware of the current state of our global economy. Most of the effects of the global recession have been negative, but there have also been some positive outcomes from the situation as a whole. The value of the South African Rand has recently dipped to its lowest level in the past seven years, making it much more attractive to hunt South Africa.

For the past few years the currency has been trading at around 7 RSA Rand to 1 US Dollar, but with recent economic doubts the currency has dipped to as low as 11.50 RSA Rand to 1 US Dollar.

This drastic decrease in currency value has been blamed on a host of factors, including falling equities, weaker commodity prices, a soaring US dollar and emerging market risk aversion. The falling equity prices can be linked to the avoidance of risks in investments in emerging markets such as South Africa. Foreign investors have with drawn some 44 billion Rand’s worth of investment from the country within the last month, mainly attributed to an uncertainty of economic conditions within their local countries. The lack of trust in commodity prices has also had a negative influence on the South African Rand, seeing as mining is one of the country’s top GDP contributors accounting for about 23% of all exports in 2007 the diversion from commodities has had a drastic effect on countries currency. Finally, the currency has been negatively affected by the beliefs of international economists that the US Dollar will have a shorter recovery period after the major recession has taken than other international currencies. Thus a large number of investors have put their trust in the US Dollar, causing it to outperform the Pound and Euro in trading sessions over the past few days.

It has been proven that the global economy revolves in cycles and thus one can expect that the current trend will not last too long. Even though the current global financial state is troubled, there are available prospects for those who have the vision to see it. This goes to show that risk and opportunity are two sides of the same coin, and that it is still a good time to do business.

We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to hunt South Africa at a fraction of what it cost a year or two ago.


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