Archery Antelope Hunts in Nebraska on Private Land

Hunt trophy bucks on 16,000+ acres of private land Trophy Nebraska antelope hunting on 16,000+ acres of private land. This is a bow hunt only -- including crossbows -- unless you are a Nebraska resident. Several members of the Outdoors International Pro Staff have antelope hunted here, and this Outfitter has our "stamp of approval." Get more information This Nebraska antelope hunting … [Read more...]

British Columbia Grizzly Bear Hunts


Some of the best grizzly bear hunting in British Columbia. British Columbia grizzly bear hunts for trophy-sized bears in the famous Toad River and Kechika River drainages of the Northern Rockies. (Region 7) » BOOK YOUR HUNT! … [Read more...]

British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunting


Trophy mountain goats with exceptional winter coats are the norm. British Columbia mountain goat hunting take place over 6,000 square miles in both the famous Toad River and Kechika River drainages of the Northern Rockies. This area has some of the best mountain goat hunting in British Columbia. … [Read more...]

British Columbia Moose Hunts


Some of the best trophy moose hunting in the World! Incredible British Columbia moose hunts in both the famous Toad River and Kechika River drainages. This outfitter takes some GIANT bulls! » BOOK YOUR HUNT! … [Read more...]

Red Stag Hunting in Scotland


Red deer hunting in Scotland is an awesome hunting experience! Red stag hunting in Scotland on multiple estates within a 20 minute drive of Kingussie, Scotland. Hunting is fair chase for 100% wild, free ranging red stags. You will be hunting (stalking) in both open moorland and mountainous terrain. » BOOK YOUR HUNT! … [Read more...]

Arizona Archery Mule Deer Hunts (Guaranteed Tags)

184" Typical Buck taken by Trevor Brittingham

This outfitter offers exciting, high quality, trophy Arizona archery mule deer hunts on private land. We have access to GUARANTEED TAGS during the early season and during the rut! These Arizona archery mule deer hunts have produced multiple bucks over 200 inches in the past several years. Because of the open terrain, expect archery shots to average 40 yards. The further you can shoot with a … [Read more...]

Colorado Mule Deer Hunting on the Eastern Plains

Butch Jackson Colorado Eastern Plains Mule Deer

Eastern Plains Colorado Mule Deer Hunting in on Private Land This 32,000 acre ranch on the Colorado Eastern Plains is managed for quality Colorado mule deer hunting. The Las Animas Ranch is located in Southeastern Colorado Eastern plains. This is rim-rock country, with lots of river bottoms. At 6,000 feet this is a low elevation hunt in a semi arid region. It generally takes 1 preference point … [Read more...]

Colorado Elk Hunts During the Rut on a Private Ranch

Chris Henry Colorado Elk

Eastern Plains Elk Hunting in Colorado Eastern Plains Colorado elk hunts on an 11,000 acre ranch in Unit 128. This Colorado ranch is managed for quality rifle elk hunting during the rut. This is a Slam Dunk hunt for success! Our clients have experienced 100% success on this ranch over the last several years. This is a fairly easy hunt physically and a great hunt for someone looking to hunt … [Read more...]

Nebraska Archery Antelope Hunting

Doak Worley with his 2010 P&Y Nebraska antelope

You have got to do this goat hunt. Got mine about noon yesterday. We both got Pope and Young bucks. Today we are sitting in blinds looking for a big whitetail. This is one neat setup and Craig is a really great guy. Hope you get to do this next year. I'll send pics when I get home." ~ Doak Worley … [Read more...]

British Columbia Roosevelt Elk Hunting

Great Trophy Roosevelt Elk

Hunting British Columbia for Trophy Roosevelt Elk Roosevelt Elk were reintroduced to the Sunshine Coast from Vancouver Island in 1987. The huge-bodied Elk often weigh in at over 1,000lbs. This outfitter is known for taking some of the largest Roosevelt Elk in the world. If yo are looking to harvest a flat-out giant, this is the outfitter to help you. "If you're searching for someone who can … [Read more...]

Idaho & Wyoming Mountain Lion Hunting

Wyoming Mountain Lion Hunting

One of the hardest working guides in the business Wyoming mountain lion hunting in the mountains on the border of Western Wyoming as well as Southeastern Idaho. This area is known for consistently producing trophy mountain lions. … [Read more...]

Alaska Dall Sheep Hunting (Guaranteed Tags)

Dall sheep hunting

Over-the-Counter Dall Sheep hunting in the Alaska Range! This Outfitter offers two types of Dall sheep hunting. One is a trophy dall sheep hunt in the Chugach Mountains draw area, but if you don't want to wait out the draw & want to get your ram NOW, then we can arrange a quality over-the-counter dall sheep hunt in the Alaska Range. Guaranteed tags on an exclusive guide concession area from … [Read more...]

Blandford Urial Hunting in Pakistan

Great Blanford Urial

Blandford Urial hunting is VERY GOOD in Pakistan Blanford Urial hunting is much sought after in Pakistan. These impressive animals live in the southern hill country around Dureji which is roughly a four hour drive from Karachi Airport. Blandford Urials with horns measuring 65-75 cm (26"- 30") are common in the well protected and managed areas where you will be hunting. Get more information … [Read more...]

Roe Deer Hunting in Hungary

Roe Deer Hunting in Hungary (22)

Hungary is the best place for Roe Deer hunting in the world! Roe deer hunting in Hungary is world-famous. The challenge is not to shoot a smaller buck too early. Just be patient and you will find a big buck. "This Outfitter, is a 10 on a scale of 1-10 for Roe deer hunting, as well as hare, dove and pheasant hunting!! There is no other place in the world that you can hunt Roe Deer on this scale … [Read more...]

Kashmir Markhor Hunting in Pakistan

Massive Kashmir Markhor

Kashmir Markhor hunting is a rare experience Unattainable to the International trophy hunter until only two decades ago, Kashmir Markhor hunting was reserved solely as a prerogative for distinguished guests of Kings. The rare trophy Kashmir Markhor can now be legally hunted by the very few hunters who are fortunate enough to obtain a permit from the Government of Pakistan. What makes … [Read more...]

Sindh Ibex Hunting in Pakistan

Pakistan Big Game Hunting

Sindh Ibex hunting is the most unique hunt in Pakistan Pakistan is blessed with a great variety of mountain game animals, some of which are among the rarest animals which do not exist anywhere else in the world. This is the only place Sindh ibex hunting takes place. Physically, Sindh ibex hunting is relatively easy, especially as far as the mountain game hunting goes. The area that you … [Read more...]

Bezoar Ibex Hunting in Turkey

Incredible Trophy Ibex

This Outfitter took the World Record Bezoar Ibex... TWICE! As a trophy big game animal, Bezoar Ibex are one of the most sought after species in the hunting world. Besides being spectacularly beautiful, with long sweeping scimitar shaped horns that grow upwards of 50 inches, Bezoar Ibex have the longest horns of any animal in the world, relative to their body size. Get more … [Read more...]

Muskox Hunting in Greenland

Trophy Muskox Hunting in Greenland

World Class Greenland Muskox Hunting in Nunavut, Canada Bob Foulkrod with a Giant Greenland Muskox Cambridge Bay on Victoria Island is the “Muskox Hunting Capital of the World”. Southern Victoria Island has a population of 30,000 Muskox! » » BOOK YOUR HUNT! … [Read more...]

Alberta Whitetail Deer Hunts – Edmonton Bow Zone

Alberta Whitetail Deer

This is an ideal hunt for bowhunters with multiple stalks increasing your chances of a successful hunt.  The potential trophy quality can be very high and you'll be hunting bucks of tremendous body size.   Get more information » "This hunt is not for the faint of heart. It is extremely mental in that the weather can be rough, and you are waiting for that one good opportunity at a trophy wh … [Read more...]

Alberta Archery Mule Deer Hunts – Edmonton Bow Zone


Big mulies are arguably the toughest game animal to harvest with a bow and arow, and we give it our best effort to produce a quality shot at one of these trophies on these Alberta Archery Mule Deer Hunts This is an ideal hunt for bowhunters with multiple stalks increasing your chances of a successful hunt. You'll likely need more than one opportunity and that is the nice thing about this … [Read more...]

Dagestan Tur Hunting in Azerbaijan

Giant Trophy Dagestan (Eastern) Tur

Dagestan Tur hunting is extreme mountain hunting. The Republic of Azerbaijan, located in the south-eastern Caucasus Mountains, is the home of Eastern Tur, also known to trophy hunters as the Dagestan Tur. Dagestan Tur hunting only takes place at altitudes between 7500'- 9500' in the far east of the Caucasus. Get More Information » Dagestan Tur hunting is considered by many to be the … [Read more...]

Zimbabwe Leopard Hunting Safari

Zimbabwe Leopard hunting

Aim small, miss small... you're PH will appreciate it. Zimbabwe leopard hunting can be dangerous. Very dangerous. Any sane hunter should be thinking that the leopard is, pound for pound, the most dangerous animal in the world when wounded. Zimbabwe can be a bit of a moving target polically so it’s very important to have a consultant help you with this hunt. Request Information » The … [Read more...]

British Columbia Black Bear Hunts – Spot and Stalk

Russ Meyer with his BC Black Bear

This outfitters area boasts of some of the best habitat for black bears in the province. It has a prolific salmon run in the fall which brings bear in for miles. It is not uncommon to see up to 15 black bears per day, with multiple stalks being the rule rather than the exception. This is an ideal hunt for bowhunters with multiple stalks increasing your chances of a successful hunt. Get … [Read more...]

Idaho Elk Hunting (Units 43, 44, 48, 49)

Elk hunting in Idaho with Sun Valley Outfitters

This Outfitter has the highest success rates for elk hunting in the state of Idaho! Their hunters have enjoyed a 92% success rate on big game over the past few years with 100% shot opportunity for rifle AND bow hunters! This outfitter has a tremendous amount of ground to choose from and can always find good bulls for his clients.Get More Information Hunters who have been elk hunting with … [Read more...]

Nebraska Whitetail Hunting Combo with Antelope

muzzleloader whitetail hunting in Nebraska

Trophy Nebraska whitetail hunting on 16,200 acres of private land. Rifle, archery and muzzleloader hunts are available. Get more information » This Nebraska whitetail hunting Outfitter is located in Northwestern Nebraska just north of the Pine Ridge Hills, which is near the Black Hills. The ranch is 16,200 acres of private land and is hunted very little. It is managed for trophy … [Read more...]

Plains Game South Africa / Cape Buffalo Cow Combo Package


Ask about this Plains Game South Africa / Cape Buffalo Cow Combo » This Limpopo Province, South African plains game safari is top-notch. The outfitter has access to over 150,000 acres of privately owned hunting concessions throughout the Limpopo Province with all of the African plains game species available. He works with multiple PH's (Professional Hunters) and Hunting Concession owners so … [Read more...]

British Columbia Moose Hunts – Great Archery Hunt

Archery moose hunting in British Columbia

This Outfitter excels at Archery British Columbia Moose Hunts British Columbia moose hunts during the rut for bulls up to 60+ inches! Bowhunting is this Outfitters' specialty and they are passionate about it. Get more information These British Columbia moose hunts can also be combined with elk and/or black bear." ~Russ Meyer Talk to a Consultant about British Columbia Moose … [Read more...]

South Africa Cape Buffalo Cow Hunting – Affordable Buffalo Hunt

South African Cape Buffalo Cow Hunt

Buffalo Cow hunts are CONSIDERABLY LESS than bull hunts At $6,000 all-inclusive, Cape Buffalo cow hunting in South Africa allows you to hunt this member of the Big Five on a budget. These cow hunts allow you to experience all of the thrill of buffalo hunting at a fraction of the price and hunting cape buffalo is just something you gotta do before you can't. Get more information » This … [Read more...]

Arizona Late Season Elk Hunts (Easier to Draw)


Arizona late season elk hunts for the biggest bulls on the planet... Typically, it takes many years of applying in a lottery to draw a coveted early season Arizona elk hunting tag, however these Arizona late season elk hunts are much easier to draw. » BOOK YOUR HUNT! … [Read more...]

Idaho Mule Deer Hunting in Hunting Units 39, 43, 44, 48 and 49

Idaho Mule Deer Hunting

This Idaho Unit 44 mule deer hunt Outfitter has the highest success rates for mule deer hunting in the state of Idaho!  To go along with this he has the largest operating area of any outfitter in Idaho! Get More Information Their hunters have enjoyed a 92% success rate on big game over the past few years with 100% shot opportunity for rifle AND bowhunters!" ~ Russ Meyer This Idaho Outfitter … [Read more...]

Nebraska Whitetail Hunting


South-Central Nebraska trophy whitetail hunts on private farms This Nebraska Outfitter offers Trophy Whitetail hunts on private farms and ranches. This outfitters family farms all over Nebraska, and he has access to a TON of ground. Whether you are hunting whitetails with archery gear, muzzleloaders, rifles or shotguns this Outfitter will customize a fully guided Nebraska whitetail hunting … [Read more...]

Arizona Coues Deer Hunting

Arizona coues deer

Hunters that have taken all the species in the “deer slam” usually consider Coues deer hunting one of most rewarding hunting experiences they have ever had. This is a glassing hunt, you will set up with good binos on a tripod and start picking the country apart. You will see A LOT of deer on all of these hunts. Once a good Coues buck is spotted, let the stalk begin. A fun, fun hunt... action p … [Read more...]

Arizona Mountain Lion Hunts (Horseback on Dry Ground)

Arizona dry ground mountain lion hunting

Arizona Mountain Lion Hunts - Dry ground mountain lion hunting Dry ground Arizona mountain lion hunts with over the counter tags, no draw. They have excellent hounds and horses to tree your lion under dry ground conditions. Hunting Mountain Lion's on dry ground is an art form few have mastered.  It takes the best of the best to be successful at this style of hunting.  This style of hunting is o … [Read more...]

Texas Hog Hunting

Texas hog hunting

This Outfitter has ranches that hold literally thousands of wild hogs and varmints. The wild boar hunter will see plenty of action at food plots, water holes, and brush thickets. Coyotes and other predators cover the ranch and the lack of hunting pressure has made these hogs very approachable. Sometimes too close for comfort. You are sure to have a successful Texas hog hunting adventure with … [Read more...]

Zimbabwe Tuskless Elephant Hunt


Tuskless Elephant Hunt or Non-Trophy Elephants Under 35 Pounds This free-ranging, non trophy, tuskless elephant hunt take splace in Zimbabwe. You will hunt for management animals, meaning that this is for tuskless elephants or bulls that are under 35 lbs. If you want to hunt elephant but it just isn't in the budget, this hunt is for you! Zimbabwe can be a bit of a moving target politically so … [Read more...]

Mozambique Hippo Hunting / Crocodile Hunting Combo

Mozambique Crocodile Hunting

This Mozambique hippo hunting, crocodile hunting package takes place in the Zambezi Delta. A great side adventure to add to your Plains Game Safari, or you can book this hippo hunting, crocodile hunting combination. Hippo hunting in the Zambezi Delta can be an amphibious adventure. You may end up in a dug out canoe paddling towards a group of them, or slipping through the tall grass after a … [Read more...]

Zimbabwe Elephant Hunting for 50-90+ lb. Bulls


Trophy Zimbabwe elephant hunting for Trophy Bulls This Zimbabwe elephant hunt is fourteen days in the Hwange or Gonerezhou area depending on availability. This trophy elephant hunt targets bull elephants that will go 50+ pounds with some bulls going up to 90 lbs. Other dangerous and plains game species available per the price list. Zimbabwe can be a bit of a moving target politically so it’s … [Read more...]

Arizona Black Bear Hunts (Spot and Stalk)

Arizona color phase bear hunting

The quantity of black bears in Arizona is not extremely high, but the quality of the bears is why most hunters book Arizona black bear hunts. This can be a very unusual and unique way to hunt black bears spot and stalk.  Most clients see multiple bears a day and the percentage of color phase is extremely high.  If you are looking for a spot and stalk bear hunt, with a twist, this hunt is the o … [Read more...]

Tanzania Cape Buffalo Hunts

Tanzania Cape Buffalo Hunting

High-end Tanzania cape buffalo hunts for Trophy Bulls! Tanzania cape buffalo hunts on the Rungwa Ikili Game Reserve near Ruaha National Park. This buffalo Safari consistently produces some outstanding trophies. This area of Tanzania is known for its exceptional lion, leopard, and cape buffalo. Get more information » There is no finer experience than sharing a Tanzania cape buffalo … [Read more...]

British Columbia Vessel-Based Coastal Black Bear Hunting

Great Trophy Black Bear Hunt

Hunt directly across the Strait Of Georgia from Vancouver Island This British Columbia vessel-based coastal black bear hunting outfitter has exclusive rights to hunt over 2,400 square miles. Directly across the Strait Of Georgia from Vancouver Island, this area is famous for it's world-class black bears. Get more information » This outfitter has a history of taking some of the … [Read more...]

Oregon Archery Elk Mule Deer Combo Hunt

Oregon elk bow hunting (20)

Guaranteed Landowner Tags for this Oregon Elk Mule Deer Combo Hunt An incredible Oregon elk deer combo hunt on a huge private ranch. Guaranteed tags for unpressured trophy elk during the rut as well as trophy mule deer. Extremely good P&Y potential exist for both elk and mule deer. They see 180"- 200" bucks annually and bulls over 300" are common. Only a handful of hunters get the pleasure … [Read more...]

New Mexico Elk Hunting on the Gila (Land Owner Tags)


New Mexico elk hunting in trophy producing areas with great genetics including the Gila National Forest. These tags are very limited. If you are not successful in the draw, we can get you landowner tags and get you on the bull of your dreams. Get more information If world class elk is your dream, then this outfitter is for you. I have hunted elk six times with them. Each hunt was high … [Read more...]

Idaho Wolf Hunting

Big bad wolf

Finally, there is a wolf hunt in Idaho! We cannot tell you how happy we are to finally be able to offer Idaho wolf hunting. Our hunters are having success on Idaho wolves incidentally already, and the Outfitter we are working with is having incredible INTENTIONAL success. This guy knows how to hunt wolves. We are excited to finally be able to get our clients on some Idaho wolf … [Read more...]

South Africa Plains Game Safari from a Price List


Sometimes you don't want an Africa plains game Safari package and just want to pay a day fee and choose the South Africa Plains Game you want to hunt from the price list. Located at the 22,000 acre Voldahundacluff Ranch on the eastern cape of South Africa. This plains game hunting ranch has 10 lodges throughout to maximize opportunities for exceptional trophy South Africa plains game animals … [Read more...]

Maine Black Bear Hunting Lodge (Fall Hunts Over Bait)

Maine black bear hunting

Traditional Maine black bear hunting. The Maine black bear population is steadily climbing, and there are great opportunities for the hunters. These black bear hunts are done over active bear baits with professional Outfitters. Each stand is carefully tended to, catering to the firearm or archery hunter. Get more information » Ask us about Maine Black Bear Hunting in the Fall … [Read more...]

Mozambique Cape Buffalo and Plains Game Package


Traditional African Safaris in Mozambique. Combine your trophy Cape Buffalo hunt with Plains Game. From the time of your arrival until your departure from Mozambique this Professional Hunter (PH) will ensure that your hunting experience is comfortable,exiting and rewarding. You will have the choice of either set packages or a standard daily rate with a separate animal trophy fee. On … [Read more...]

Texas High Fence Hunting Lodge in South Texas


Hunt HUGE Whitetail Deer with No Trophy Fees or Pay-Per-Inch! South Texas high fence hunting for whitetail is all they do at this ranch. Located in the "Golden Triangle" which holds an extremely high number of B&C whitetail deer. Dimmit and Webb Counties are recognized as the number one and two record book counties throughout the United States according to the Boone and Crockett club. … [Read more...]

South African Plains Game Safari in the Limpopo Province

South Africa Plains Game Hunting Safari

A great place for your first African Plains Game Safari Few places in the world offer such varied hunting opportunities as a South African plains game safari. If you are thinking about your first hunting safari in Africa, the Limpopo Province of South Africa should be on the top of your list. We would love to set you up with one of our African plains game safari packages or a custom package … [Read more...]

Oregon Elk Hunting on Private Land in Premier Units


A great archery hunt over waterholes This Oregon elk hunting outfitter offers hunts in some of the finest units in Eastern Oregon, primarily on private ranches in the Heppner, Sumpter, Beulah and Ochoco units. Hunt outstanding ranches for 300+ bulls. This outfitters archery hunts have the highest success rate of any outfitter we work with. They also recently added some public land in the … [Read more...]

African Lion Hunt in South Africa

Hunt African Lions in South Africa

This lion hunt is a RUSH! Shooting distance will be close. Currently South Africa is the most affordable country to hunt lion, and a South African lioness hunt is even more affordable, and exciting. … [Read more...]

Zimbabwe Buffalo Hunting

Cape buffalo hunts in Zimbabwe

Free Ranging Zimbabwe Buffalo Hunting In terms of Dangerous game, Zimbabwe is one of the most affordable places in Africa to hunt Cape buffalo. Zimbabwe buffalo hunting is an adventure where you will experience a classic African Safari like it was at the times of Cecil John Roads and Saluu. Zimbabwe can be a bit of a moving target polically so it's very important to have a consultant help you … [Read more...]

West Texas Deer Hunting (Archery)

West Texas Whitetail Hunting

This Outfitter has some of the best deer hunting in Texas. Bow hunting whitetail deer in West Texas in Haskell County on 14,000 plus acres of prime whitetail deer country. You will be whitetail hunting for trophy bucks in dense mesquite thickets, creek bottoms, deep rugged canyons, crop fields, and food plots. With a varity of choices this can be a working man's management meat hunt or a … [Read more...]

Kansas Archery Whitetail Hunts

Archery hunting for trophy Kansas whitetail deer

Potential for a bruiser archery Kansas whitetail. This Kansas outfitter took a 266 2/8" B&C monster whitetail buck in 2006, the new #3 non-typical in the state of Kansas. You may have seen this buck on the cover of North American Whitetail's 2007 February issue or Huntin' Fool's 2007 June issue. Get more information Taking a 150 class buck on this property is a real possibility for those … [Read more...]

Mozambique Cape Buffalo Hunt

Cape buffalo hunting Safari in Mozambique Africa

This Mozambique cape buffalo hunt can be fairly intense, but the trophy potential is worth the effort. There are some HUGE bulls in this area. The best hunting in Mozambique is found in the more remote areas, especially in the north near Tanzania and in the west, not far from Zimbabwe. These major hunting countries and the neighboring reserves or parks, such as Nyasa, ensure larger animal … [Read more...]

Maine Moose Hunting

lodge 18

Maine Wildlife Management Districts 2,3,5,6 and 11. Traditional Maine Moose hunting by calling and stalking in Northern Maine. Historically this Outfitter enters 3-5 moose per year into the record books. If you draw a tag be sure to get in touch with us. Our clients have harvested 9 moose large enough to qualify for entry into Boone and Crockett, SCI, Pope and Young as well as the … [Read more...]

Alberta Elk Hunting During the Rut with a Rifle

Alberta elk hunting outfitter

Alberta elk hunting in the Peace River Region is a Sleeper There aren't many areas where you can hunt elk in the rut with a rifle and an over-the-counter tag. Alberta elk hunting is a sleeper with it's ever-growing elk herd, a rise in the age class and an increase in trophy quality. Not to mention that this is not a physically demanding hunt. With very few tags available, this hunt has a … [Read more...]

West Texas Whitetail Hunts

West Texas Deer Hunts

Some of the best West Texas whitetail hunts available. This ranch has a strict game management program that produces trophy whitetails every year. The ranch was not commercially hunted until 1998 when an intensive management program was put in place to further enhance the already outstanding deer herd. West Texas has gained notoriety for trophy whitetail hunting. Get more information Talk … [Read more...]

Kansas Turkey Hunting

Kansas Turkey Hunts on private land

This Kansas turkey hunting Outfitter offers semi-guided turkey hunting on thousands of acres of private land in the Flint Hills surrounding Council Grove. This area of Kansas has three species of turkey's that you will be hunting; Rio's, Eastern's and Hybrid's. It's not uncommon to see two species in the field at the same time! This is a two bird hunt. Lodging is provided in either a local … [Read more...]

British Columbia Black Bear Hunt

British Columbia Black Bear Hunting

Ask about the Father/Child Special on this bear hunt This British Columbia Black Bear Hunt takes place in an exclusive outfitter territory that is made up of 1.6 million acres of prime black bear hunting habitat. Our outfitting partner in this territory is one of the best in all of Canada. Success on trophy spring black bear hunting continues to be at or near 100%! Get more information … [Read more...]

British Columbia Mountain Lion Hunts

British Columbia Mountain Lion Hunting

These British Columbia hunts are in one of the best Mountain Lion Hunting areas in Canada. This hunt takes place in an exclusive outfitter territory that is made up of 1.6 million acres of prime mountain lion trophy hunting habitat in beautiful British Columbia. * This British Columbia Outfitter is fluent in German and has special packages available for European hunters. Please contact … [Read more...]

British Columbia Elk Hunt During the Rut

British Columbia Elk Hunts

This Outfitter is fluent in both English and German This British Columbia hunt is in one of the best elk Hunting areas in Canada. This hunt takes place in an exclusive outfitter territory that is made up of 1.6 million acres of prime trophy elk hunting habitat in beautiful British Columbia.Get more information If you are in very good physical condition and get motivated by bugling bull elk … [Read more...]

British Columbia Wolf Hunts

British Columbia Wolf Hunting

These British Columbia hunt are in one of the best Wolf Hunting areas in Canada. This hunt takes place in an exclusive outfitter territory that is made up of 1.6 million acres of prime wolf hunting habitat in beautiful British Columbia. * This British Columbia Outfitter is fluent in German and has special packages available for European hunters. Although wolf hunting is generally done as a … [Read more...]

Australia Banteng Hunting

Banteng hunting

For a unique hunt, you should try Australia banteng hunting Banteng have haunted the forests of Australia's Cobourg Peninsula since 1848. This Premier Outfitter offers two, five day Australia banteng hunting packages: Cobourg Peninsula banteng hunting; and Mary River banteng hunting. » BOOK YOUR HUNT! … [Read more...]

Maine Whitetail Hunting

lodge 18

Traditional Maine whitetail hunting. Low whitetail deer densities and huge tracts of forest allows for a high percentage of older age class bucks over 4.5 yrs with heavy racks and larger body weights of 200 lbs or more field dressed with these whitetail hunting outfitters. Maine whitetail hunting can be a sleeper and this outfitter is the best in the business in his area. Get more … [Read more...]

Nevada Mountain Lion Hunting

Nevada cougar hunting with a bow

Nevada has some incredible mountain lion hunting. It is a sleeper, and this Nevada Mountain Lion Hunting Outfitter goes above and beyond to try to ensure your success. This hunt is hunt is an affordable alternative to someone looking for a deal.  The houndman on this hunt does a great job and works his butt off to help our clients get a cat. "This Nevada Outfitter has about 70% success on … [Read more...]

Alaska Caribou Hunting

Caribou Migration

World-class Alaska caribou hunting based out of Kotzebue, Alaska. Northwest Alaska is home to the largest herd of Barren Ground Caribou, called the Western Arctic Herd, with a population of 500,000 animals. Guided caribou hunts have been close to 100% for the past few years. There is no other place in Alaska where you can find better odds in harvesting a trophy caribou. Alaska caribou hunting … [Read more...]

Texas Exotic Hunting

Hunting Texas Dall sheep

Texas Exotic Hunting on 16,000 acres or 26 square miles of free range Texas Hill Country. With 19 bedrooms, this 28,000 square foot Hacienda style mansion located just West of San Antonio is the most prestigious hunting ranch in Texas with 17 species of exotic game, wild Russian boar hogs, whitetail deer and Rio Grande turkey. Fair Chase Texas Exotic Hunting Exotic hunting in Texas allows you … [Read more...]

British Columbia Lynx Hunting

British Columbia Lynx Hunting

This British Columbia hunt is in one of the best Lynx Hunting areas in Canada. This hunt takes place in an exclusive outfitter territory that is made up of 1.6 million acres of prime lynx hunting habitat in beautiful British Columbia. * This British Columbia Outfitter is fluent in German and has special packages available for European hunters. Lynx are usually considered a secondary animal … [Read more...]

British Columbia Moose Hunts Near the Yukon Border

Joe Omara moose hunt in British Columbia

Because of the close proximity to the Yukon border, the moose in this area have great genetics – huge antler size as well as monstrous body size! Hunt one of these monsters for a fraction of what you would pay in Alaska or the Yukon! Get more information This outfitter has been providing guided British Columbia Moose Hunts since 1985. He, and his guides, are the exclusive guides to h … [Read more...]

British Columbia Mountain Grizzly Hunt – Fall and Spring Hunts

John Carlson Grizzly

Monster grizzlies in color phases from “Silvertip” to “Blond” This outfitter has been providing guided mountain grizzly hunting in British Columbia, Canada since 1985. There are two hunts, a fly-in, backpack hunt in the Fall; and an "easier" Spring hunt where you can drive to camp. Get more information On our mountain grizzly hunts, don't be surprised to see up to a dozen bears at one time … [Read more...]

California Hog Hunting

California Hog Hunting

Northern California hog hunting on 7,500+ acres of private land. The Outfitter takes pride in his Quality Management Program and will only harvest boars. The Outfitter allows only a limited amount of hog hunting, and has a self imposed hog season of January-June. This seasonal hunt promotes higher populations and better success rates. Because of this outfitters management program this is one of … [Read more...]

Australia Water Buffalo Hunting

Water buffalo hunting in the Northern Territory

Water Buffalo are big and they are plentiful. Truly a FUN hunt! As Australia's premier big game animal, the Water Buffalo deserves the highest level of respect when hunting. They are extremely tough and difficult to put down and are every bit as tough as the African Cape buffalo. » BOOK YOUR HUNT! … [Read more...]

British Columbia Moose Hunts (European Hunters Welcome)

British Columbia Moose Hunting

Hunt 1.6 million acres of prime moose hunting habitat. This British Columbia hunt is in one of the best Moose Hunting areas in Canada. Hunt the most majestic of them all, the Bull Moose in rut. Get more information Calling moose is exciting! Once a bull responds to the guide's call and starts to come, you will experience a thrill of a lifetime as these bulls can be unpredictable as they … [Read more...]

British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunts

Mountain Goat Hunting

British Columbia hunts in one of the best Mountain Goat Hunting areas in Canada. This hunt takes place in an exclusive outfitter territory that is made up of 1.6 million acres of prime mountain goat trophy hunting habitat in beautiful British Columbia. * This British Columbia Outfitter is fluent in German and has special packages available for European hunters. The mountain goat populations … [Read more...]

Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunting on a Managed Hunting Ranch

Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunting

High fence deer hunting on Canada's largest, oldest, most established managed hunting ranch in Saskatchewan. Over 5000 acres on 3 properties. These 4-Day high fence trophy whitetail hunts begin as early as September 20th and end after the rut in late November. Whitetail hunting for deer that average 165" Gross with many deer that will push over 200 inches. Get more information A Great … [Read more...]

Alaska Mountain Goat Hunting (Vessel Based)

Vessel-based mountain goat hunts in Alaska’s Prince William Sound

Vessel-based mountain goat hunts in Alaska's Prince William Sound Alaska mountain goat hunting is the pinnacle of mountain hunting and the best deal in big game right now! Alaska is the only state in the U.S. with guaranteed mountain goat tags, so come get your long-haired billy! » BOOK YOUR HUNT! "Trophy Mountain Goats in this area typically range between … [Read more...]

Idaho Bighorn Sheep Hunting in Unit 26

Idaho Bighorn Sheep Hunting

If you've drawn an Idaho sheep tag in Unit 26, contact us now! These Idaho Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Hunting camps are located in the heart of the rutting and wintering area. This Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep hunting area is fairly easy to draw and this Outfitter is a great choice for hunters who buy the Auction Tag. » BOOK YOUR HUNT! … [Read more...]

Texas Turkey Hunt


This Texas Outfitter offers excellent spring turkey hunting for talkative Rio Grande turkeys. Turkey hunters will love the up-close action on these un-pressured ranches. If your hunting for your Grand Slam, this Outfitter offers both Rio Grande and Eastern Turkeys. Texas Turkey Hunting: Texas turkey hunting with this West Texas Outfitter is the best available. These spring turkey hunts for … [Read more...]

Colorado Archery Deer Hunting (Mule Deer OR Whitetail Deer)

John Gibbs Colorado whitetail

Colorado Deer Hunting on the Eastern Plains This 11,000 acre Eastern Plains Colorado deer hunting ranch in Unit 128 is managed for quality archery mule deer hunting, although they do allow just a few rifle hunters here some years. There are some INCREDIBLE whitetail bucks roaming this property as well. Your tag is good for either a mule deer or a whitetail. The Walsenburg Ranch is located … [Read more...]

British Columbia Mountain Grizzly Bear Hunt

British Columbia Mountain Grizzly Hunting

Pre-Scouted Mountain Grizzly Hunting in British Columbia By far one of the best British Columbia Mountain Grizzly Bear Hunting areas in Canada. This hunt takes place in an exclusive outfitter territory that is made up of 1.6 million acres of prime grizzly bear hunting habitat. Get more information. » Our Grizzly hunts run 12 days. You and your guide will hunt by Spot and Stalk. … [Read more...]

Idaho Black Bear Hunts – Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness

Idaho black bear hunting

This is an Idaho spring black bear hunt over bait in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. This Wilderness area is so vast and has such a high bear population that they offer TWO bear tags. One of the only places in the lower 48 where you can have two tags in your pocket. Get More Information » This area is so vast and has such a high bear population that you have a very rare … [Read more...]

Idaho Spring Bear Hunts (Combo with Turkeys)

ID turkey hunting outfitter

What makes these Idaho spring bear hunts unique is the ability to combo them with turkey hunting. These Idaho spring bear hunts / turkey hunt combos take place over baits on the Joseph Ranch in Idaho's hunting unit 13. We have visited this ranch personally and it is a very neat place to hunt this combo. Get more information » Ask Us About These Idaho Spring Bear Hunts » We usually … [Read more...]

Idaho Elk Hunting on Private Ranch *Mule Deer Included

Elk hunting in Idaho

Idaho elk hunting on over 60,000 acres of private land! Private Land Idaho Elk Hunting. Add to that careful quotas and you have a place that produces outstanding bulls. Located in the Hell’s Canyon area, this outfitter has one of the largest land holdings in the state of Idaho. Because they have been managing their wolf populations from the get go, we haven't seen a drop off in bull quality at … [Read more...]

Idaho Black Bear Hunt on Private Land

Idaho Fall black bear hunting

Spot and Stalk Black Bears on Private Land in Unit 14 This is a fall spot and stalk Idaho black bear hunt located on the Whitebird Ranch in Idaho's hunting Unit 14. Idaho black bear hunting is all of September, but this Outfitter does the majority of the hunts in the first 3 weeks of the month. The bears come down on the the open hill side to feed on wild plumbs. This has been a very fun hunt … [Read more...]