Huge Utah Bull Elk – The Spider Bull

If you like seeing big bull elk… and I’m sure you do. Who doesn’t Check out this video of a monster bull found this summer in Utah. He has been dubbed The Spider Bull and some people think that he will score around 500 or so.

The Spider Bull Wow. His mass is awesome, and points are going everywhere, but his inside spread is average to small. Score aside, nobody can say that he isn’t amazing, and EVERYBODY is talking about him.

To add to this drama, the guys over at Addicted To Hunting have a friend who knows where he is and is planning on hunting him during archery season. I’m sure they’ll keep us posted as the season progresses.


The Utah DWR is wondering if the video of this bull is legit. None of their agents have seen him in the area he is said to roam.

UPDATE: The Spider Bull is Down!

The Spider bull may be the new world record elkSpider bull down! On September 30, Denny Austed took this great bull while hunting with Team Mossback. The “Spider” bull has a green score of 500 4/8 inches and nets 488. Incredible. Click here to see pictures.

The Spider Bull has Been Scored!

The Spider bull has been officially scored by Rusty Hall at a whopping 501 Gross and 480 1/8″ Net B&C. This puts him teetering on the edge of being the new world record. After he is scored by a panel of Boone and Crockett judges, he should be the new world record.


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