Huge Utah Bull Elk – The Spider Bull

If you like seeing big bull elk… and I’m sure you do. Who doesn’t Check out this video of a monster bull found this summer in Utah. He has been dubbed The Spider Bull and some people think that he will score around 500 or so.

The Spider Bull Wow. His mass is awesome, and points are going everywhere, but his inside spread is average to small. Score aside, nobody can say that he isn’t amazing, and EVERYBODY is talking about him.

To add to this drama, the guys over at Addicted To Hunting have a friend who knows where he is and is planning on hunting him during archery season. I’m sure they’ll keep us posted as the season progresses.


The Utah DWR is wondering if the video of this bull is legit. None of their agents have seen him in the area he is said to roam.

UPDATE: The Spider Bull is Down!

The Spider bull may be the new world record elkSpider bull down! On September 30, Denny Austed took this great bull while hunting with Team Mossback. The “Spider” bull has a green score of 500 4/8 inches and nets 488. Incredible. Click here to see pictures.

The Spider Bull has Been Scored!

The Spider bull has been officially scored by Rusty Hall at a whopping 501 Gross and 480 1/8″ Net B&C. This puts him teetering on the edge of being the new world record. After he is scored by a panel of Boone and Crockett judges, he should be the new world record.



    1. Tom Sorenson says

      Been hearing a lot about this bull – ridiculous! I can’t even imagine something like that running around public ground. I’d almost not want to hunt him, even, because I imagine there will be a ton of other hunters trying to pin him down, too. Sure would like to know what he measures out to, though. What a brute!

    2. Chris Sever says

      My friend Ron Raddon just got done hunting that elk for 3 weeks. He has video of that elk ten ft away before the hunt but could only get within a mile during the hunt. Amazing how those animals know whats going on come hunting season. Ron is definitly on the short list of guys who could get close to that animal. What an elk!

    3. cliff says

      hear from a good friend that the spider bull elk was killed here in utah today..but i haven’t seen any pitchers yet will keep you all updated as i get more info ….

      • Brandon Kennedy says

        Chris it’s part of the sport of big game huntin. That bull is freakin amazing. I wish I had a chance to shot that bull.

    4. Cory Glauner says

      Chris, I know what you mean. He’s a special bull and I feel like I’ve kind of gotten to know him… not to say I wouldn’t have shot him though.

    5. Lee Loitz says

      I am sorry that such a majestic animal was not protected for everyone to admire. People get upset when a 7 year old throws certain animals into the alligator’s den. Maybe a law should be created to protect animals after a certain age or stage in life.

    6. Sheril Lewis says

      I’ve hunted on the monroe for 30 years and never saw the kind og genetics that it would take for a bull of this size. I spent 10 days during the muzzle loader hunt and never saw him. I can tell by the pictures that I was hunting the exact area that the bull was taken. ????????????

    7. chris says

      I think that the hunting industry is going to hell in a hand basket! Anyone who has that kind of money to spend on a hunt and I seen the canceled check $180000.00 for an Elk on steriods you could of bought a 1000 hoockers.

    8. Spanky says

      I think that it is Bull elk sh$# that the bull was payed for. the rich b$%@&rd should have had to wait like everyone else does.

    9. Jeff Ricchetti says

      Its funny know one else seen this bull over the last couple of years,people hunt this unit all the time, why wasn’t this bull spotted before,makes you wonder.

    10. Average Joe says

      I was down on the monroe 3 years ago fighting a wildland fire, I believe I have a photo of this bull elk in its earler days. I will try and post it

    11. nathan adams says

      Awesome bull, congrats to Denny. I hope the stories i hear about TEAM MOSSBACK are not true. Pushing elk off private property, blocking roads, asking public land hunters to move their camp sites for paid hunters. I hope they are ethical hunters. Me and my friends apply for these units every year also. I dont play for the JAZZ, I turn wrenchs on A-10’s at hill A.F.B. We won’t put up with no BULL SHIT !!! on the mountain. We wait 9-15 years to draw our tags. We and many others have no patience for B.S. like that. If its true.

    12. Bob says

      If I had to pay 200,000.00 to get my name in the books and say I shot a world record bull elk it wouldn’t be worth it. Denny Austed no offense to you great bull. But to the Mossback team why don’t you take the money and donate it to S.F.W. or RMEF YOU DO NOT NEED ANY MORE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m tired of seeing your name and face with elk and deer like this every year. come hunt on the North slope of the Unitas next year. I have more respect for the guy that goes out with his son or daughter and teaches them how to hunt not how much it cost and kills a spike or forked horn.

    13. jaws says

      too bad the guy had to hire an entire troop to help kill that prize bull and he could not do it in a sportsman fashion.

    14. BIG Z says

      We should all step back and look at what ” WE” and the sport of hunting have become! The idea that fair chase and ethics have been pushed aside by the all mighty dollar. Hunting is that special place away from the day to day B.S. of the world…. yet we drag it in to make a buck and take that special thing we love and corrupt it. Old Teddy Roosevelt has flipped in his grave so many times he wearing a trench. Hunting is for all…. poor or rich….. old or young! Until we all put our foot down we are as guilty as the rest. Let the DWR how you feel about “Big Buisness hunting”….. and the Legacy we are leaving future generations about hunting. “KEEP IT PURE”!!!!!!!

    15. Aaron says

      I just think its sad that a bull of this size is taken by a guy who cares nothing more than putting his name in a book. It should have been harvested by some one who hunted him and earned him. When an animal is found for a tag holder it should not be eligable for any record book. Its called hunting not killing. Just my feeling this is the 4th large animal I have read about this year that was found by a second party and kept in eye sight until the hunter showed up. Not really sporting in my book!

    16. Work-n-Man says

      Its sad what big game hunting is comeing to be. The rich get what ever they want, and the work-n-man waits. Honestly if i earned 1 or 2 million each year, i would buy conservation tags also. The difference is i would hunt my ass off to fill my tag not pay someone else to set and watch the ELK or DEER all damn summer. If i recall one of my MOSSBACH videos has a hunter fly in from out of state, picked up at the airport, driven to the mountain, shoots a deer ,leaves, goes back to the airport the same day and leaves.What the hell is that called, hunting, shooting or just bull shit!!! The rich think we are just jealous of Denny’s great bull, honestly I’m not. Great for him. If you dont get a real funny fealing in your stomach when you hear stories of outfitters useing 20-30 individuals for months to pin down a DEER or ELK’s location till opening day.You have lost the true ethicis of hunting. Utah DWR needs to think about what they are allowing to happen before all hell breaks loose over this kind of conduct.

    17. John says

      I agree, ITS BULLS@&T, I grew up hunting for meat and having my greatgrandpa and my dad teaching me that hunting is kida of a sacred thing. learning to track, and wind, and the right round, shot placement and practice. these guys should be let out in the wilderness and hunted themselves with a paid army hunting them like prairie dogs. something like that is just pure headhunting, i dont see that meat even tasting worth a s&#t. i invite the mossback crew to come to wyoming and hunt alone with no spotters or anybody else in their payroll and hunt alone, tracking shooting and draging out like we do every year…. those [wimps] make me sick… ” why cant you get a bj in colorado?” all the c&#ksuckers are in wyoming hunting””” lol…

    18. Eli says

      Ok everyone on this site seems very jealous couse they have not seen this buck and somene with a little bit of money got so that makes it fake. All i have to say is quit bitching and shut up.

    19. Greg Swaney says

      first of all I would like to say ” GREAT BULL “. what a magnificent animal,and what a great job Utahs wildlife program is doing to be able to produce so many trophy class animals. And yes i am jealous. I do however disagree with having an army of people scouting for an animal. not really hunting in my book when your not the one doing hunting. wonder if he actually kept the meat or if it was just shot for the rack would be interesting to know. i dont mind trophy hunting as long as eating the meat. After all thats what hunting is really all about, putting food on the table. i also don’t believe that people(like Team Mossback) should be able to make money hunting on public lands. If any money is made ,it should go directly to the states conservation programs.

    20. Thomas Bergen says

      I must say, that is one fine creature, but I hope this guy austed doesn`t go back were he is from and brag about this great hunt he had, because that ain`t hunting, you might as well made a great shot at a target at the range.

    21. Brandon says

      You know i really would think a whole lot better of this bull had it been shot ethically. Everyone of us has had hunter education training. We have all been taught how to hunt ethically. I dont care how old you are or how long you’ve been waiting to take a bull as magnificent as this. To pay that much money during a time of economic downfall. That money could help a ton of people out. In some cases that much money could buy a couple houses for families in need. Whatever happened to the thrill of the hunt. Spending the time in the mountains to get away from work and not worry about business or money. Just enjoying the time out in the great outdoors hoping to see a bull half that size let alone a bull of that stature. Hunting ethics have changed from hiking and tracking to…lets go sit in our hut drink coffee watch tv and when an animal big enough comes along shoot it…. how in the world is that hunting. We as hunters need to put a stop to this. And please get the next generation involved in such a wonderful time and experience. Take them hunting and fishing and show them that there is life outside of this computer!


        out of all the stuff i’ve been reading the past week about the spyder bull, yours is the most real/true/honest/heartfelt/endearing post ,thank you for keeping it real!!!!

    22. Matt Plott says

      MossBack or should I say BokeBack? Anyway, go to he!! and take your hunting methods with you!!!!!!! Spikehunter1972:)

    23. Work-n-Man says

      O.K. , For weeks I have wondered if this GREAT BULL was hunted and taken ethically. I have tried to have an open mind about this kind of situation. Because so many people over react and make half ass asumptions. Well finally i got to speak to a very close friend form Richfield Utah. He said that Bull was on private property all summer and yes Mossback did tresspass on private property to get a look at the ” spider bull” . And doyl moss made comment to him ” I will pay a $200.00 dollar trepass fine any day to take a bull like that” And yes Team mossback had many people setting on this Bull all summer. I dont think my friend would make these statments to me if they were not true!!! I have no respect for you guys. Any one who defends team Mossback is a idiot. Unethical way to hunt. Hope the Utah DWR gets off their ass and does somthing about the way you do business!!!!

    24. Alex says

      I could never pay a guide, it goes against my grain. If I had a friend with knowledge, I would hunt with him. But pay, I’m the kinda guy you pay to help you. To have my name in the books, using a guide, I’d feel shame. O well to each his own, and for greenbacks, I could see that. But to take a Record Bull, with a team working for you, that’s not outsmarting, earning the Bull, That is greenback want to be, canned hunt. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry.

      Next, I don’t know about most of the public. BUT, I for one, think that, OUR BIG GAME, on private land, for the elect few, IS WRONG!!! If people don’t respect, their land, we the people, should police it for them. Make big fines for those with lack of respect.

      WE THE PEOPLE, SHOULD BE ABLE YO GO AFTER OUR BIG GAME. If land owners, don’t like it, build game fences, to keep OUR GAME OUT!! Then if you want to have canned hunts, make big bucks off big game, GET YOUR OWN BIG GAME. STOP TAKING OURS!!!

    25. says

      f denny. he has 4 bulls all of 400 hundered inchs but he bought all the son bitchs. a santa clara boy had the 5 dollar sportsmans tag and f’ing denny snuck onto parsons land on monroe mountain and scared it out and shot it right when it came off there land. i honestly think that thats gay as shit

    26. BigBulls says

      You guys are lame Talking trash about something you know nothing about! You really think that mossback would do something against the law with so many jerks trying to get him in trouble and having the dwr looking over his shoulder come on!

    27. Jace says

      You know mossback fed the bull, in one of the pictures there is a pile of sticks?hmm…could there be feed behind that? that bull never moved! they had fed it the entire time. I’m sorry but I have no respect for people who hunt like this send in the group of people you don’t know to find a buck then tell you were the hell the buck is…umm sorry no thanks.

    28. William Witt says

      …there’s no argument here: [he] BOUGHT this elk and it may have well have been in a stall. no record in my mind, and [he] is certainly no hunter, much less a person i’d ever have in my camp.

      What has hunting come to when this behavior is called “fair chase”?

      i can’t think of a less respectable situation. B&C should be ashamed for accepting this bull as legitamately killed: legal? yes. sporting fair chase. NO.

      how can he have any real pride in this kill?


    29. Game Camera says

      What a majestic beast, I must say. Never had seen an elk that huge in my entire hunting career.

    30. brandon says

      […] i am from the town of Monroe and i am a public land hunter. […] blocking roads, pushing animals off private property, etc.. Screw Doyle Moss. About the bull, i never saw anything even close to that animal in previous years. but hey, its possible, i saw another 408 bull last year.

    31. Roger DeVore says

      I think that bull is one owsom elk but i am a public land hunter andi dont think when you pay some one else too hunt for you it should be in the record book i think the hunter wontabe s&^@ks and so does moseback shame on you

    32. Roger DeVore says

      I think that bull is one owsom elk but i am a public land hunter andi dont think when you pay some one else too hunt for you it should be in the record book i think the hunter wontabe s&^@ks and so does moseback shame on you by the i hunt the great state of wyo black hall mtn rawlins wyo

    33. c.w. says


    34. says

      To tell u the truth I have heard that the hunter paid people to watch the elk before the hunt so he would know where the bull was so he could find him during the hunt.

    35. says

      hey I'm 13 teen and iv benn hunting all my life with my dad benn able to hunt since I was 12 good job I hunt with a compuond bow I wish one day I get a bull even close to that probly wont happen though mabey a 6 point.

    36. Cory Glauner says

      You'll get a great bull someday if you just keep hunting hard. I have bowhunted hard every year since I was twelve years old. It took me until I was 23 to shoot my first "good" bull. Up to that point I shot a bunch of cows, spikes and raghorns.

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