Huge New Mexico Bull Elk Scores 419″ B&C

Just thought you would like to see a few pictures of a huge New Mexico bull elk shot in on January 30.

Larry Knowlton and his 419 Gross New Mexico bull elk
Larry Knowlton, finally shot the elk of a lifetime after months of agonizing defeat. Larry acquired one of the New Mexico enhancement tags for elk, and on September 1st began a five month ordeal to shoot this 400″ huge New Mexico bull. He finally got his bull with only one day to spare on his elk hunt. He spent 52 days since early September trying to find “the one”.

I can’t tell you how many ghost stories, false leads and over-exaggerated elk we chased for the past 5 months, but in the end I think it was all worth it! [The Outfitter] had originally located this huge New Mexico bull in early November, and spent weeks of their time trying to get this bull for Larry. At 3:30pm on Saturday, after a 4.5 hr climb to get to this bull that lived in the worst place I have ever seen in my entire life.”

Mr. Knowlton shot a 419″ gross 7×8 with 64″ of mass, 54″ beams and a whole lotta tines. It is truly a huge New Mexico bull! At 430 yards his first shot was just over his back, but shots 2 & 3 were perfect and a few seconds later the bull was down. They actually had him field judged at 403″ – 406″, but he was so massive that they under-judged a bit. Because of the huge mass they though his beams were shorter than what they actually are. The main frame is 388″, with 31″ of extras, for a total 419″ gross.

Look at the mass on this huge New Mexico bull elk

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