Huge Mountain Lion Killed in Idaho

Cody with his huge Mountain Lion
Cody with his huge Idaho Mountain Lion
Cody R. returned from fighting for us over-seas and got this huge mountain lion while hunting with one of our outfitters in Idaho. They weren’t able to get the cougar to a scale as they were in the back country, but they estimated that the huge mountain lion would weigh close to 200 pounds. Amazingly, he had a small head and didn’t make the book. A great trophy nonetheless. Congratulations Cody.

Is a Huge Mountain Lion on Your Bucket List?

Winter mountain lion hunts offer a great opportunity in the off season for big game hunting. Idaho, and many other western states have liberal mountain lion seasons which usually run from at least the first of December until the end of March. Even though they are very common, mountain lions are extremely elusive animals and are seldom seen in the wild. While hunters do sometimes take an incidental lion, to have the highest chance of success, you will need the aid of well trained hunting hounds to get one. Hunting is best just after a snow storm. You will travel a lot of country with your guide to cut a fresh track of a nice tom. Once a good track is found, it is time to release the hounds… and prepare for some excitement!

Our mountain lion hunting outfitter in Idaho takes many lions in the 8 foot range each year and in the winter of 2007-2008 they took the #2 B&C lion in Idaho all-time and #10 B&C all-time lion in the world. It was the largest cat taken in Idaho in 19 years.


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