How to Prepare for Hunting Pronghorn with a Bow

How to Prepare for Hunting Pronghorn with a Bow

Pronghorn antelope can be tough to hunt, so to be successful you need to prepare for hunting pronghorn with a bow.

One thing to know as you prepare for hunting pronghorn with a bow, is that anything can spark their interest and they will come and check it out. Antelope are also very territorial, probably one of the most territorial animals I know of. Their eyes are like binoculars, but I believe they can not see that well at close up ranges, kinda like looking at an object up close without adjusting your binoculars everything is fuzzy. I have had guys do all types of moving around situating themselves for a shot and not get busted, but if we were whitetail hunting we would have been busted instantly.

Antelope can hear very well and respond to many different calls. They have challenge calls, grunts, chuckles, and distress calls. Your guides will all have antelope calls and use these calls in different situations, one of the best ways using a call will make an antelope stop right in his tracks for a nice standstill shot. I do recommend doing everything you can to prevent scent just like whitetail hunting. Antelope bow hunting can be very boring…. and very exciting. You may sit in a blind for hours seeing nothing and then all of the sudden a herd will run in at 30 yards away from you. This is much different than hunting whitetail deer as you usually see a deer coming and have time to prepare and anticipate the shot before he arrives. With Antelope, you may never see them, then all the sudden they are there. This can be very nerve racking and adrenaline pumping. Try to put yourself through a few crash courses handling adrenaline, by visualizing the hunting situation as if it were happening right in front of you as you are target practicing. I find this one of the best ways to overcome the rush as you will have practiced this situation over and over in your head so when you see it in the field you will be ready for it.

For shooting distances most shots take place anywhere from 30 to 40 yards, some being shorter and some being longer. The further you can shoot comfortably will increase the odds you will have at taking bigger trophy bucks. I have no problem with letting hunters take a 50 to 60 yard shot if they are comfortable and capable of taking that kind of shot. I recommend also practicing kneeling shots as most of your shots will take place kneeling if you are hunting from a ground blind or in a spot and stalk situation. Be sure to prepare for hunting pronghorn with a bow. Here is a gear list of things to bring on an archery antelope hunt.

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