How to Build a Tree Stand

So you’re a hunter and you’ve been searching the Internet on how to build a tree stand and you ended up here. Enjoy.

To build a tree stand redneck style, you need to start with a small to medium size camping trailer…

Pull it out to a likely looking area… someplace that holds good numbers of deer.

To build a tree stand you need something sturdy to attach it to. Jam some poles in the ground…

Get a couple of tractors with loaders to lift the camp trailer onto the poles. To build a tree stand you need some friends to watch usually.

Raise it WAY UP onto the poles (and fasten it!).

You’re probably thirsty after all of that hard work. Drink a beer or two and step back to admire your work.

You are going to have to build a deck (so you’ll have a place to sit outside and drink another beer).

Build some nice stairs so you don’t have to go down a ladder while inebriated… That would be dangerous.

Practice shooting deer with a piece of lumber to make sure you have the right feng shui going on. If you don’t know what feng shui is, don’t worry. You can read the definition of feng shui here.

Can’t live on beer alone. You are going to need a barbeque. Don’t burn down the deck though.

I wish I had somebody to give credit for this great project or knew how to get the plans, but I got this in an email and have no idea who the originator is.