Marc Hunts Huge Manitoban Elk in Quebec, Canada

Marc's 416" Archery Manitoban Elk
Marc’s 416″ Archery Manitoban Elk

I recently hunted for Manitoban Elk in Quebec and had a blast. High Fence hunting is not necessarily my thing, but again, it was a blast. I have many clients due to age, physical limitations, lack of time, excessive trophy quality expectations, or lack of hunting experience who this style of hunting fits very well with. So I get the pleasure of checking out all hunts before we ever send clients.

This hunt on an accommodation and food level was off the hook. No question, a 5 out of 5 in that category. The attention to detail and the staff was unbelievable. No question…5 star. On a hunting level the fact that there were also red stag on the property made it even cooler. Especially considering we were there in early October when the elk rut was still going and the Roar had just started. I could hear elk bugling and stags roaring from my bedroom window every night as I was laying down to sleep…it was awesome.

I found the stags on this property to be very cagey, and Cory took a nice one on this trip. The elk to be less than the stags but you still had to be sneaky to get them in bow range. They were also callable and bugled hard at times. This operation has some of the biggest genetics in the world in both stags and elk. Their breeding program (which we toured) was world class and known in the industry as the “A-team” in their field. The properties are on the small side due to Quebec law that doesn’t allow over 500 acres to be high fenced but the terrain was very heavily wooded and again had a nice feel.

Over all, it was a very nice hunt and shooting a 416 bull while I was there was the frosting on the cake. Just seeing a bull that large was amazing, let alone, laying my hands on him.

If you would like an elk over 400″, this is a great place to do it. Most of their Manitoban elk have typical frames with awesome mass and long tines.” ~Marc Warnke

Manitoban Elk

Manitoban elk are a subspecies of elk found in the Midwestern United States and Canadian Prairie provinces. Compared to the Rocky Mountain elk, the Manitoban elk is larger in body size, with smaller antlers. The subspecies was driven into near extinction by 1900, but has recovered since. Almost all Manitoban elk hunting takes place on high fence operations. Although a wild population of Manitoban elk does occur in Manitoba, demand by hunters is far greater than available hunting opportunity. Elk hunting is available only through a limited entry draw system to residents of Manitoba

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