High Fence Elk Hunts. Are they for you?

high fence elk hunts

Trying to get your chance at a bull elk over 350 without waiting the years in takes to draw the “right” tag can be a VERY expensive and time consuming venture.

A solution to that issue, if cost is a concern, is to hunt big bulls on a high fence ranch. In the market for free ranging bulls of 350+ caliber you will pay anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 most of the time. Now, we all know guys who have gotten those kinds of bulls on lower cost hunts but if you want a place that can legitimately average those kinds of numbers then you are going to have to write a serious check.

As an alternative you can get into those kinds of bulls for $7-$10,000 on a high fence place. I’m with you…if you are saying to yourself that you’d rather kill a bull like that on free range. But, there are some very good, big property high fence elk hunts out west. If you want to learn more more about my take on high fence hunting click here.

Here are a few of my favorite High Fence Elk Hunts

I work with three different outfitters who have large enough properties where you are going to have a very challenging hunt to get a bull.

Colorado “Estate” Elk Hunting from a World-Class Lodge
Colorado “Estate” Elk Hunting from a World-Class Lodge

  • High Fence Trophy Elk Hunting in Colorado
  • Trophy bulls from 325″ to 425″+ B&C” bulls
  • August through November
  • World Class Lodging
  • Combo Elk / Mule Deer Hunts are Available
  • Thousands of Acres
  • learn more

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    Saskatchewan High Fence Elk Hunting on a High Fence Estate
    Saskatchewan High Fence Elk Hunting on a High Fence Estate

  • Trophy bull elk available over 400 inches!
  • Saskatchewan, Canada
  • High Fence Elk Hunts on over 5,000 Acres
  • Great Corporate Hunt Destination
  • Nice Lodge
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    If budget, time, or physical condition is an issue for you, look to high fence hunt for your monster bull solution.
    ~Marc Warnke

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