Greg Krogh and Pat Loescher’s AZ Strip Bucks

The AZ Strip is an incredible mule deer hunt. My wife was lucky enough to draw while I was going to school in Tempe. She got a 211 buck, but that’s another story. I received the following story in my email a while ago and figured that I should share. I met Greg while I was in Arizona and he’s a good guy and a great outfitter.

Here are a couple of pics of the Bucks that Pat Loescher and myself just shot on the AZ Strip. Between us we had 26 days of scouting in before the hunt. We had located five really good bucks and even filmed the number two and three bucks fighting for over five minutes two days before the opener. Pat’s Brother Dave, Todd George, and Jack Johnson all came up to help out on the hunt and we all watched [as] Pat killed the winner of the fighting bucks opening morning after an hour long stalk. We got to watch the whole thing through binoculars and it was nerve-racking!!! Pat’s Buck was 221 before the fight and 217 after the fight with four inches being broken.

With Pat done we all shifted our focus to finding the number one buck we had seen scouting. After six days without seeing any part of him during the hunt,and 14 days including preseason scouting, I decided to shoot a wide heavy buck that I had passed two times earlier in the hunt. We knew of some bucks that scored more, but this was my favorite back-up buck. Pat glassed him up that evening and he was already in range of me rutting a doe across the canyon from where I was glassing. I could see the doe, but not the Buck. Just then they spooked and ran across the top of the mountain. Pat and Dave kept an eye on them until I could get around the canyon and shoot him at 211 yards. I couldn’t be happier!! I can’t imagine sharing a better deer camp with a better group of guys. I feel indebted to them for taking time out of their busy schedules to help me on my hunt. This was definately a hunt I will never forget!!

by Greg Krogh



    1. Tom Sorenson says

      Oh. My. Freaking. Word. Those are two giants! Someday I must hunt the Kaibab and then, if I’m not asking for too much, I need to hunt the Pansagaunt in Utah. I can’t even imagine seeing deer like that. I just can’t.

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